Behemoth appreciation


So when Behemoth came out I was pretty excited even though tanky characters just aren’t my style. I was excited because it was a new monster and I am a monster main! But upon playing him I just couldn’t grasp what was so strong about him… I had so much trouble getting to hunters and doing damage. I am mainly a Wraith player and I started to tell myself that I shouldn’t play like a Wraith but even changing my tactics I could not get him to work for the life of me. Then typically I start getting stomped by Behemoths left and right when I get hunter and I was so frustrated because I’m a monster main and I can’t use this monster??? Something had to change. I just said “screw this” and I started being REALLY aggressive with him as opposed to avoiding damage and taking 2 lava bomb and 1 fissure with CDR and straight REKT the hunters and I was so surprised… This thing is a freaking monster! (haha!) I am having so much fun with this guy now. I feel like now rock wall is completely useless (of course its not, but it seems that way to me) because defense hardly works with him IMO. Why didn’t anyone tell me this guy was a massive destroyer?? I’m averaging 4 minute games xD (not to brag…)


Behemoth is actually quite amazing in the right hands…


Behemoth is my favorite character too, no need to roll around being scared in a corner trying to defend yourself. Just go head on and wreck everyone :facepunch:

Just find yourself a good spot to fight and dominate :smile:


Yes exactly! Finding the right spot and going to town with lava bomb is so satisfying… I realized that the way to avoid damage with Behemoth is to toss the hunters around so that they (obviously) can’t shoot. This monster is lovely :blush:


Xbone guy here


Holy spacebar batman!