Behemoth and wraith locking (Google translation)

When that such problems will be solved?

Can you please elaborate on what you mean? We don’t know what bug you’re talking about.

I think he means that behemoth and wraith are locked for him, and that he used google translate to translate everything, hence why he put it in the title to clarify why his english might not be of top-niveau.
But I might be just overthinking :joy:

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What’s your first language friend? Maybe there’s somebody in the forum that speaks it.

Unlock Wraith by ranking up abilities for Kraken. Unlock Kraken by ranking up abilities for Goliath.

Unlock Behemoth by purchasing in store.

Unless he’s talking about them getting randomly locked after being unlocked, in which case exiting to main menu and going back into multiplayer should solve.

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I’m not sure I understand what you are asking. Did you have Behemoth and Wraith unlocked and now they are locked?

What Platform? PC, Xbox One, or PS4?

What’s your primary language? There might be someone here on the forums who speaks / understands it.