Behemoth and the Sloth Perk- Strange Observations


Me and some mates of mine went on a hunting spree the other day and killed roughly 7 behemoths for every one that beat us. If the big boy gets caught at stage 1 (Which happened 90% of the time) there was nothing he could do against Slim’s ridiculous healing and my lovely flamethrower.

However, something… odd happened.

Every now and then, a stage 1 Behemoth got the white sloth perk, 35% extra damage. He fought us at stage 1 and managed to kill us all within two or three hits of his roll+ heavy combo thing. I tried it out myself and won the match in less than 2 minutes.

@MacMan , is there a way to see how many Behemoths won because of this perk? While I think the behemoth needs a bit of aid it’s kind of ridiculous to go from nothing to two-shotting people because of a perk. Is it possible to tone down the perk for Behemoth only, or maybe monsters in general?


They’ve stated that there is currently something wrong with the behemoth (he simply takes too much damage), so once they get that sorted out, you’ll see alot more behemoth wins!


Yes, but even so a stage 1 monster shouldn’t be two-shotting people just because it got a perk. I suppose I could play on ESL rules but then you can’t use masteries and PUGS don’t use ESL rules.


where did they say this ? link pls :slight_smile:


Well, pretty much every monster can 2-shot you if they have the dmg perk. It just depends on the skill build.

If a goliath goes lvl 3 rock at stage 1 and picks up dmg buff, he can almost one-shot anybody. (since it does like 85%-90% dmg then)


Actually, 67.5% of a hunter’s health. 800 +
( 35/100 x 800 )= 280 + 800 = 1080. Therefore 1080/1600 = 0.675 which is 67.5% of a hunter’s full health.


Well, I’m doing “the math” in a different way. (probably the wrong way xd)

You have 50% hp when you have 2 strikes. And a rock throw or lightning strike insta-kills you when you have 2 strikes. So it does at least 50% dmg. Add 35% dmg to that… and there you have it


Rock Throw does 800 by default and Hunters have 1600 HP? It’s guaranteed to one-hit them to begin with at 2 strikes without Armadon buff on them. If you add 35% from Sloth Buff to 800, you get 1080. 1080 from 1600 = 67.5%.


Now this explains it alot better (no offense midnightroses).
I just really wish there were some websites or pages with all the actual numbers of hp, dmg, percentages,…
(not talking about the forum post of glitchfull, even tho that’s pretty useful too, but actual accurate numbers etc)


Indeed, I would also love to see the actual raw numbers from the developers themselves.


me too, so far the only accurate numbers we have are goliath’s hp/armor and hunters hp (afaik)


Here you go


You don’t need the perk to kill the hunters stage 1 with behemoth. It’s all about engaging the right place or take advantage of a hunter mistake. I’ve won quite a lot of my behemoth games stage 1 and without any perks.

Woot! You tellin’ me they are “buffing” my precious Behemoth!? D
:open_mouth: :smiley: Mwuahahaha, can’t wait!


Still…hes still so easy to kill,considering his made out of rock. Still,Goliath is the toughest of them all.


Can someone copy paste the text please?
(Can’t access twitch from work ;))


I second this. Can’t pull it up on my phone either :frowning:


A strike is more like 1/5th of a health bar than 1/4th, so with 2 strikes you have 60% - that’s why a buffed Rock Throw can kill you. A bugged Rock Throw can kill you outright. Monsters who know when to mix in a melee attack can two-hit you anyway with a staged up ability and/or damage buff.


There is a tiny difference between a rockthrow and melee attack. When I am close I will hit the meleeattack.

The damage scaling on the roll + heavy attack really goes out of whack when you get the 35% dmg. It isn’t really two shotting, but it is really quick like 3 melee attacks and 3 ticks of roll damage is enough which takes under ideal circumstances something like 4 - 5 seconds.


With the sloth perk My combo of tongue grab, fissure just before they land and lava bomb when they land after fissure is pretty much a guaranteed kill. Maybe a melee if I screwed up the timing of lava bomb


A lavabomb hit without any perks cuts HP in half, what is this gimmicky style of yours adding all kind of skills. Though I mostly don’t have them. Most of my games end at stage 1 and I only have lavabomb there :frowning: