Behemoth and the map


Hello comunity,

i am really looking forward to this monster however i got a concern and thats his size makes it impossible to get to a lot of place on the map or leave some places afer evolving. Not only will it make the monster so mutch easier to find cause he cant go every where but also will he not be able to get all food buffs and so on.

What are your thoughts about him?


My thought is that his use may be limited to certain maps. With slower movement speed and a difficult time climbing up cliffs, he will prefer maps that have as much horizontally connected terrain as possible. His rock rolling will have to be pretty fast to get him far enough away from hunters to evolve. With his larger armor pool it will be more difficult to build up armor, I would suggest they allow him to keep armor when he evolves to help combat that.


i am afraid he wont be able to even evolve cause of his low speed and no get away abilities and easy to find cause of his size but we will see i would like him to be an good monster cause he looks awesome!


did you notice where they said “we made him literally as big as possible” or they may have said as big as the game allowed. ether way that means IF he was any bigger they would have to redesign maps or limit his map pool.

So as it stands his mobility may be limited on certain maps it is something they know of and are balancing him/her around. and right now I am looking at a few different maps and trying to decide best routs to take him in. as your only escapes are walling a choke point and rolling away, or just finding a strait enough rout to roll and pick up speed.


This won’t be a real concern. His level 3 rock wall will ensure that he’s safe for pretty much the entirety of the evolution period.


The goal of evolving is to not get domed with no armor. If the best he can do is not get shot during it theres going to be a lot number tweaking and a lot of really scrappy stage 2 wins


Stage 2 is the point monsters can not only manfight, but be absolutely brutal.


Obviously. But you dont seek out a fight with no armor.


Yes I do. Because when you have no armor, the hunters are cocky and bound to be reckless. I’ve ended many a game in a fight where I had no armor and only lost 1 health bar during that fight.