Behemoth and the Absurd Damage


so the behemoth should be the tank of the monsters, right? so like every other game out there, the tank does not deal a lot of damage compared to the other classes… right? i mean… isn’t this pretty simple? apparently not. cause i don’t know the actual numbers but i’m pretty sure the behemoth is the tankiest yet still the most damage dealer on evolve… like how is this guy capale of completing a combo of skills (stage one skills) and yet one shot a guy. to me is unexaptable that the tank does more dmg than for example something like the wraith, again… i don’t know the numbers but im pretty sure it is, also cause the wraith can be pusished due to his low hp’s and armor… the behemoth just can’t. i think he’s not very balanced tbh.


However if he couldn’t incap a hunter in one combo he would never make any progress. Also as for being a tank he is more of a marshmallow. If you don’t hide against good teams his armor is a joke. The damage resist didn’t do much at all since the majority of hunters can ignore it.


Behemoth can’t one shot, he does have a really good combo that is pretty easy to hit. Tongue into Fissure and then roll > heavy melee. Usually does 80% of a hunter’s HP.
However all monsters have at least one great combo. Kraken has his Banshee, Lightning Strike, Aftershock, melee combo that does 100% of a hunter’s HP. Unlike Behemoth, this is way harder to counter as Kraken can stay mobile while doing all of this. Behemoth is standing still during most of his combo and doesn’t all hit at once like Kraken’s combo. Play Hank against Behemoth, shield his combo and Orbital him when he is doing it. Guaranteed big damage while you protect your teammate from harm.


Sure i agree everyone has its own set of skills, and so combos. i just think the behemoth shouldn’t be doing that damage since he’s a tank. and no matter how much dmg resistance he has, he still has the most hp in the game + armor and still does a lot of dmg. imo he need to be balanced a little. im not saying “nerf the behemoth dmg to half”. just balance him


Talking in Dark Souls terms, I’d say that:
-Goliath is a warrior; good all-rounder
-Kraken is a sorcerer; long range destruction
-Wraith is a thief; fragile but hard hitting
-Behemoth is a bandit; high vitality and high damage potential
-Gorgon is a pyramancer; rather fragile, but good DoT

What I mean to say is, Bob isn’t really a tank; he can absorb and dish out a lot of damage. He was never meant to just soak damage


plus i don’t know if anyone knows but, the behemoth once is stage 3 has a chance of winning the game of like 80%. you might ask why i say that?
i shall respond to you, because in maps where there is an inside relay, the behemoth can close all the entrances with one single wall, not even well placed, giving him the chance of destroying the relay untuched… giving the hunters (at that point surely someone has already strikes) 2 choises:

  1. losing by going in there with the behemoth and getting killed one by one (close range, his skills will hit everyone)

  2. losing cause of the relay.

there is simply no counter play on that, unless the behemoth messes something up, but that’s not a counter play.


Easy counter m8. And his name is Cabot. Rock wall means diddly then.


“i never thought about that” -maggie

no, but really picking cabot, again, is not a counter play. i don’t know the monster that is getting picked untill he picks him.
so yeah, any other suggestions?


Tank… Yet he’s the easiest out of all to hit and he soaks up damage like a sponge. I wouldn’t call him so much a tank as I would call him suicidal. His survival odds severely depend on which hunter team you’re facing and how good they are, since any good team will be able to take care of a Behemoth long before he reaches stage 3.

That damage he has… Better have a good aim and lots of luck. And even with that, you need to be very careful about what you do.


Behemoth high damage output?
Behemoth has 0 damage output. All it takes is 1 ledge to dodge Tongue Grab. GG.

I think you’re right. I think he’s vastly underpowered and almost every Silver or higher player thinks so as well.


LOL that’s very not true, but ok


Behemoth is completely Underpowered…
You’re looking at one of his advantages. And ignoring his disadvantages.
Yes, he has more health and armor than any Monster. There’s many reasons for this. He is the biggest target, meaning he takes more damage. Shotguns land basically every pellet on Behemoth, against a Wraith or Gorgon your pellets spread means lots of them miss.
Behemoth is also the only Monster who can’t leave the ground with his traversal; meaning if Hunter’s know what they’re doing, they stay up high, and out of his reach. He climbs up, boost to a different ledge so he needs to clunk his way to you. He can’t just leap, or warp, or fly, or web sling over to you.
His abilities have a long wind up. All of them!!! So you can anticipate what he’s doing, and move. He has so many weaknesses that he literally needs that health and armor. They recently gave his armor plates a higher damage resistance against bullets, but when they gave him that buff they lowered his armor. He takes so much damage against good Hunter’s that the huge Health pool doesn’t make up for his low mobility, and how big a target he is.
Behemoth has more health than Wraith, but the point is simple; a barn can take more damage than a shed, but it’s easier to hit the barn with a mini gun.


This is horribly true as well. Tongue Grab is extremely easy to dodge, if you’re on a ledge there’s no reason he should land it, you just got to back up so his tongue hits the ledge.


what you said is very true. still i have great difficulties killing it. i understand i should kill it stage 1 or 2. but that’s the point, i just can’t. i swear i try. but i can’t. mostly i have hard times the moment we fight stage 2. i notice the gap of power stage 1-2 is really high that’s where things get difficult to me


plus i’m 45th regional parnell in leaderboard with 205+ hrs in game, i didn’t buy this game yesterday, at all


If your in a area with orbital coverage all you do is sit and wait for him to stop and roll out that animation combo of tongue and fissure. Then lay an orbital on em. It’s surprising very easy and very effective.


Good point. What hunters do your 4 man run with again?


This is a class based shooter not a RPG.

Compare Behemoth to the Heavy and he makes a lot more sense.


The leaderboards are based off of wins, not a win/loss ratio. You said you run with a group of four? What Hunter’s do they normally play?
I noticed earlier you said that going into caves gets you all killed, it’s never a good idea to follow Behe into a cave. Those are the best places for him to fight. Like you said, his abilities take up a lot of space, so he can hit multiple Hunter’s with his moves in a cave, including his roll. But more importantly, in a cave there is rarely any high terrain to stay on. Fighting Behemoth gets immensely easier when each Hunter is spread out, on high terrain.
Harpoons hurt Behemoth more than most Monsters when he’s climbing, because he can’t traverse up a cliff. He has to climb, so if your Trapper harpoons him while he’s climbing towards another Hunter, when he falls he can’t get up there other than climbing.


BoB’s like a dark souls player in full havels armour with the shield too with pyromancy glove on and the rock wall is like that Dex ability (forgot name) where them undead spirits come from the ground circling there victims.