Behemoth and Sunny were developed at the same time


I find it hard to believe they never played a match against each other?

Idk if it’s a weakspot for Behemoth or what, but a Sunny can keep her team alive for days with that jetpack booster and there is only ability that actually counters it (tongue grab).

Sure you can throw up a wall but that’s not going to bring them back down from orbit.


Hint: Sunny can’t boost herself.


You’re right, I’m woefully incompetent and never try focusing her with Behemoth. Hmm, I seem to be getting hit by trapper shit and Caira is keeping her at full health while her drone shields her!


Try throwing a lava bomb on the drone then immediately focus sunny. Caira can’t out heal your damage even at stage 1, so you should be able to get a down on sunny before the shield charges up


Wall is THE counter to sunny. Blocking LOS to drone and the booster at the same time… That is, if it actually would work properly.


Heh, that’s part of the issue for sure.

Also the holes it makes are always hunter sized lol so you can’t follow them.

Ends up working FOR them and not you.

6 seconds isn’t much time to down a hunter and a smart sunny usually splits her drone and booster locations so you can’t wall both. Idk I don’t have this issue with Goliath for instance but with Behemoth she makes everyone so damn mobile.


That’s funny.

If a Hunter is standing still and letting you land every melee and ability perfectly then maybe you can outDPS her at Stage 1. But, uh, CC and jetpacks say hi. I can kite and keep myself alive a long time as a Hunter, solo, and that’s with no healing or CC.

You’re funny.


The only way to counter sunny with behemoth is to simply disconnect as soon as you see the support has chosen her. Better than wasting 3 mind of your time (the time it takes for sunny boosted hunters to find and kill you)


you should watch some videos of the pro behemoth players.

they dont have any problems with sunny


caira can outheal a stage 2 goliath. we tried it. everyone into a corner caira spaming heal and goliath hitting, leap slamming and stuff. there was a sunny shield involved to be fair. but… what the actuall f?


While normally I would agree with this. However, it’s not a solid thing, and most pro monsters agree that sunny is one of things that trouble them. “They don’t have any problems with…” is a lie off the bat. If a monster never has trouble with a particular hunter, then that means they never face a player good enough to bring out the potential.

After watching streamers from different parts of the world, it appears that you tend to get grouped within your region unless its a custom game. So I usually see the same people on, which are a lot of pre-mades and good hunters. I know since I hunted with most of them. Their strategies are pretty solid and they don’t make the mistakes that I see a lot of hunters make in the streams and videos. In fact, more recently they’ve adopted counter strategies that a lot of the monsters use.

Define “pro behemoth” though lol I watch someone I would consider a pro and the tips do work. But as with all advice, its mostly general gameplay advice. If you tongue grab, throw a rock wall and then Sunny jets upward and gets the person from over the wall then strategy was just eliminated instantly. I mention this since I’ve seen it happen more often. Strategies and counter strategies are a trend. So once word gets around, everyone knows what you are going to do. A pro monster can make a snap judgement to remedy the situation, but you can’t mention every situation in a video since different factors go into on-the-spot calls.

Comes down to experience on your part, stupid mistakes on hunter’s part and luck. OP is by no means a nub player, but if he/she is learning at later levels to be a monster than his experience is limited, the hunter’s experience is likely quite high, and if he has bad luck like me then all odds are stacked against him lol


You can’t if you are Goliath. I tested it.


Really? You can WITHOUT A DOUBT survive against a 2 Fissure, 1 Lava Bomb, waiting around a corner, in a cave, completely unsuspected (cause he’s stage 1 after all) BEAST…by yourself. You must be your own level of good.


You don’t follow Behemoth into caves. You just don’t.

Did I ever say “without a doubt?”


Just to make a correction to your scenario compared to @MidnightRoses - Kiting means you have the ability to move around so if the cave is big enough then yes. I’ve seen it done - even by assaults and supports that know how to move slightly to dodge attacks. For a medic, 2 fissures means cool down and that can be out healed especially if there are surfaces to jump on in that cave section.

Now if you mean inside a cave section that has no surfaces to jump around and you catch her by herself, then maybe if you keep her tumbling and hope she stays in that lava bomb fire for you, but continuous hits means she can keep healing - add a dmg resis perk or reload perk and you’ll be attacking for awhile at stage 1. Although it would be easier to pounce then fissure if you get interrupted to finish her since pounce locks down healing so you can get free hits in.

That said, the discussion is (I assume) on healing potential with smart hunters, not someone who would solo walk into a cave knowing a behemoth is the monster :-1: Which I’ll admit I did recently :flushed: Also we’re looking at elite Caira which has better heals - not a 1 or 2 star. End gameplay stats.


Uh, accuracy and skill say hi. People always overestimate Caira’s healing ability. Maybe people just aren’t used to playing good monsters, but if you know what you’re doing you can outdamage Caira’s healing at any stage. Is it harder at stage 1? Of course it is but it is still very possible.


Wanna know how to make teams want to follow you into the caves? Lose a little bit of health and only have a small amount if armor and their cockiness will be their downfall. Oh crap now all the hunters can read this and know my strategy! Curse you forums!!! Haha