Behemoth and sneaking

So behemoth is a large, bulky tank monster who is supposed to be very slow so…
What’s the go with his sneaking then? If he is supposed to be a slow monster how is he gonna sneak? I know that the best way to get around the map is by rolling but that leaves track so is there a way to roll around without leaving tracks cause I’m a guy who sneaks around the whole map as a monster and I want to know how the sneaking works. Please???


There’s your sneak :wink:


Where is it?

Exactly! He has the most sneaking potential out of all the Monsters.

actually, i really want to see how they go about that.

Maybe he’s not that much of a sneaker because he’s so large and so’s his armour/health pools. Designed to take an absurd amount of damage, roll around at the speed of sound and create a giant wall for about 6 seconds to block incoming damage also. I think he’s just meant to be a more up in your face kind of monster, sort of like the Goliath but the latter is more of a brute than a tank.

So of course he can sneak but not that well, could be easy to spot but he can take it. :wink:


Ok. It’s not about the hunters finding him it’s about behemoth getting away from the hunters while sneaking during hunt mode.

This is just a theory but what if u would just sneak and hide aganst a wall when hunters are close by u might get caught by dasey or gobi but it is a good dequise

I also feel like he is not ment to tank intill aleast stage two becuase yeah he might have the most armour and health but he also takes the most damage so it might be better to run and hide or solo people with your combo if u get domed aleast untill your levaled up