Behemoth and Lava Maps


I watched this video and this Gentleman brought something to my attention i didn’t notice before,

I totally did not catch the rocks with the Lava veins behind Behemoth!

So is there going to be lava maps as DLC?

Will Behemoth have Lava abilitys?!?!?

What would you like to see in these Lava Biomes?

What do you think Behemoth is made out of and what his Element is if he has one?

For me personally, it would be cool to see Behemoth tunnel under the ground as an ability and leave a trail of Lava that damages Hunters and Wildlife.

I am very interested to know what everyone’s thoughts are on this?


There might be lava maps, but @MacMan was saying that it was hard to create good maps with the substance.


Those cracks may just be cracked earth from his weight as well…


I will be shocked if Colossus isn’t some kind of rock creature, or some variation on a rock creature.


There’s no guessing on lava maps, but that doesn’t exclude the fourth Monster from being lava-derived.

And I want to point out that Behemoth isn’t spoken “B-He-Moth” as he says in the video, but “Béhe-Moth”, a strong and acuter b, as in Betty, then a toned down he, more like hê, then moth.

Edit: Bah, I guess it doesn’t matter anyway. So picky.


There are tons of ways to pronounce behemoth

Be-he-moth (as in the video)
Be-eh-moth “be a moth”

and lastly the best way to say it


I pronounce it Behemoth, NOT Behemoth, or Behemoth or even Behemoth. I think those that say Behemoth are fools. Fools I tell ya! Behemoth is the only way to say it correctly.


You are perfectly entitled to your own incorrect opinion. Its Behemoth btw


But… but… thats what I said is the correct pronunciation.


Behemoth is actually pronounced Co·Los·Sus… Don’t see why this is a problem???


Been awhile since ive chuckled like this to a forum string (gotta love the Internet right?)

+1 to ALL


Actually acid biome use to be lava Biome but lava that doesn’t kill was hard to do. Though I wouldn’t be suprised if we saw a volcano map with acid on it.


This video made me LOL at the assumptions made based on internet searches for the word Behemoth… And he called it “Inside info” LMAO


Google is everyone’s inside informant :slight_smile:


Google is Love
Google is Life


Google is bound, to give you some strife!

Sorry, the poetry sort of flowed out of me :blush:


If that is all you get from his statements, you are innocent :slight_smile: Keep it that way!


Here’s some inside information of Evolve Monsters (courtesy of Google Image searching Evolve Monster) :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t worry, I’ll just pull out this knife.


thats what i saw.

because the goliath already has “fire” im thinking that Colossus is earth/rock. THat doesnt eliminate lava (seeing as it is just molten rock) but still i think itll just be a rock monster