Behemoth and his game freeze


Dont know how many times ive been playing a match get to stage 3 behemoth only to have the game freeze up…how long is it gonna take yall to fix ur game its pathetic…stop working on tier 5 to get our money and fix the issues u have now…its extremely frustrating


They are working on a fix, supposed to drop with the next full update for consoles. The delay is due in part to Microsoft and Sony having strict policies for patches.

Unless you are on PC in which case you shouldn’t be seeing this issue.


This will be fixed when the next title update rolls out. No word on an exact date that will be, but it shouldn’t be too long now. :smile:


Awesome ty almost given up hope…stopped play for awhile then the tier 4s came out , those and behemoth brought me back


Never give up. Never surrender!



do rock walls still break or pc hasnt gotten the patch?


That patch is coming.