Behemoth and headshots


If this isnt the right part of the forum for this im sorry. So as we all know Behemoths crit spot is his exposed guts. Does he still take increased headshot damage too?

The most important question, is do I have to shoot the Behemoths head for hunter mastery?

For example, I just finished Cabots 2nd stars. Now I need to score about 20K Headshot damage with the Rail Cannon. Do I have to shoot Behemoth in the head, or will crit shots on his guts work?


He only takes “headshot” damage in his gut, and I imagine the gutshots will count as headshot damage for Masteries.


His gut is his “head” for all intents and purposes in regards to masteries and damage modifiers.


No, he does not. His only crit spots are those stated previously. Also, for future reference (and since you asked) this is about gameplay, so put it in the gameplay topic for ease of access. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone, maybe since Behemoth is a thing now they should tweak some masteries to say “Critical Damage” instead of explicitly stating headshots


I had the same thought.


I’m actually waiting to see if it will be easy to go for “gut shots”. So far Kraken has been my best bud for all these headshot challenges. i wonder why …


Lol ya same, he probably will be, kraken fly’s around, behemoth is bigger and slowly and can’t jump so I’m going to bet on it being easier to do on behemoth


Cause of his giant tentacle covered head lol


Well this would have been nice to know before, may need to do a couple games against behemoth so I can get the last 400 damage for R Vals mastery.


The Lazarus device commands! @niaccurshi @Buckets_Sentry_Gun