Behemoth and Baby Goliath Attack Squad! (Nest Gameplay)


Here’s the video for y’all. If you wanna sub to my channel just click the yin yang symbol and then click the link. Do you have some gameplay you’d like to share? Post it here too! I’d love to see other strategies and combos :slight_smile:


That minion soloed Val, you were his backup. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ikr? It was fun to see xD I let him do all the work while I eat the corpse. Fair trade I think xD


If this thread is just try to get you easy subs please leave you video on the correct thread.


It’s not the correct thread it’s an optional thread (at least to my understanding). Of course I want subs (what youtuber doesn’t?) but my main reason for posting my videos are to just share my experiences and how I deal with them. Also how I make it more fun for myself :slight_smile:


No. It is the correct thread.

I am simply trying to keep the forum clean.

That is the place to put it if you have those types of videos.


Oh alright man I gotcha. I want to help keep the forums clean too. I’ll do that and I’ll let him know you referred me to the thread :slight_smile: