Behemoth AI is a civilized monster


The Behemoth AI actually rolls up the stairs! There was one that took the long stairs up in the Fusion Plant map. And got stuck on it for quite some time. Turning issues, so it sort of turned on the spot real quick while trying to navigate the stairs.

Actually wished I took a screenshot of it. It is pretty neat to watch it though me and my friends were laughing at the absurdity at the one that took the stairs in the dam.

Even hunters jetpack up but this nice Behemoth AI just rolls up.


Behemoth demands handicap access for all maps and stairs!


Haha he deserves it too😂


Even Behemoth AI doesn’t know how to play Behemoth yet.


Lol I had trouble with him too. Know I just enjoy the free incap that sunny gives me when she tosses trapper to me.


The Ai Behemoth definitely needs a Goliath Aid.

Any chance of this art.