Behemoth advantages/disadvantages


Behemoth the towering mass of destruction.A monster of great size and hulking strength.
This monster is made up of hard rock for its armor on the outside and has a very soft body on the inside.

The behemoth is the slowest out of all the monsters but has an alternative method of transportation by curling into a ball and rolling around the map leaving trail of fire.
This monster also has an exsposed part of his body making him vulnerable to attacks when attacking but makes up for it with lots of health and armor including damage.

The behemoth is capable of multiple movesets.

.Lava bomb: A ranged attack that sets the hunters fire and the envirement around it but with a drawback of exsposing your weakspot for a couple of seconds.

.Fissure: A ranged attack that shakes the ground and creates a siesmic wave going to towards the direction it is used in.This ability is perfect for croud control in heavy situations.

.Tounge grab: A ranged attack that the behemoth uses to pull in hunters and wildlife from a distance and land heavy blow.

.Rock wall: Behemoth creates a large wall separating the behemoth from the hunter or separating a hunter from the others for the behemoth to pounce.

Overall this is a Hulking mass you dont want to mess with Especialy in a corner.

I make a good impression of the A.I from evolve and that the behemoth is most aggressive when domed. If you solve this riddle you will find the the true potential of this beast.


feel free to reply if you want especialy when you have figured out the riddle.


Don’t forget while using lava bomb behemoth cannot change the target location.


the A.I wouldnt mention that.


and he says “hey guys heres my weakspot go parnell supersoldier in with ure shotgun!”


Parnell saysLEEROOY JENKINS behemmoth creates rock wall and corners parnell. Parnell sayMOMMY


I don’t think the whole “I’m not trapped with you, your stuck in here with me” has ever applied more then it does with Behemoth



parnell with cabot amp kills stage 3 behemoth full health and amor 1 min