Behemoth adaptation idea


Behemoth wouldn’t have any rock peices but be only flesh and lava. Lava bomb: the same but a wider radius. Rolling: lava would completely cover him. Rock wall: would be more straight. Toung grab way longer length. Fissure: wider width buy shorter reach. (I forgot how to spell fissure) this would be awsome.


I don’t know man… that Frost/Glacial Behemoth adaptation idea is probably still the best one out there in my opinion.

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I want a metal behemoth


It would be cool if Rock Wall went straight!!! So you could put it between the Medic/Support and the rest of the team. No heals for you.


Battle behemoth, he gives up all crowd control for heavy ass damage and greater control over his personal space

Rock armor- wraps behemoth in armor for a short amount of time on long cool down, knocks back and does a little damage to any hunters within 5m

Lava breath- removes the cannon blast and replaces with a firebreath-like attack that leaves more lava bombs on the ground

Quake(fissure)- fissure surrounds behemoth and also erupts about 15m upwards to hit any hunters who may be on cliffs causing heavier damage but being hard to land

Tongue pound- behemoth surges his tongue forward and when it hits the ground it causes some AOE quake damage


Sorry to say but, these are not really variations…they’re new attacks.

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I Would say Tectonic Behemoth is the best choice.


Thanks Captain, Where did they say that the variations wouldn’t have new attacks?

Never read that

Theoretically possible

Every thing meteor goliath does is bigger faster and causes DOT flame damage… with brand new animations… They even went out of the way to make new skill move buttons… that’s essentially 4 new attacks

Read the descriptions of my attacks and you’ll realize their essentially the same thing… But it’s a different route to achieve desired effect


Not really rock wall has been replaced by something completely diffrent…


Mac man specifically gave me this response when I basically asked him in plain English if the characters would change more drastically

Vanilla changes to specific character values would suck for “variations” anyways… their not just gonna change numbers. That would be highly repetitive.

You think their gonna add more damage and AOE/DOT to Markov and Val, how does that work with assault rifles/sniper rifles and tranq darts… something will probably change

Free country doh


Im thinking Val will have a tri-healing beam, that would activate by aiming for the ability to heal 3 people at a reduced rate. The medgun would have lower capacity and much lower range though. Im hoping they go that far with adaptations.

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I said it in stream and I’ll say it hear. Toxic sludge/tar pit behemoth is the way to gooo. Think about it, instead of flaming innards he belches toxic black sludge that does less DOT but applies a slight slow to the hunters. His traversal tracks leave trails of the slowing sludge instead of flames. His Tongue grab could do an instant/faster pull or inflict a minor poison damage in place of lava bomb’s nerfed DOT. Rockwall can be passed through but (because it’s sludgey) it slows those passing through it tremendously. maybe make fissure wider, shorter, and have a large knockup. I for one, am in favor of this nasty bastard. He trades ability damage for crazy cc so he can get up in your face and smash your head in. This is a nightmare I support, but Ice Behemoth is pretty cool too.

Can I get a hell yeah for Toxic Behemoth?


Meh I was thinking of toxic wraith…and a Tectonic behemoth…


Rock wall-Flaming larva all over the wall so you can’t stand or jump on it or else you get residual burn damage, lv1 RW will have less fire than lv3 RW on it (RW doesn’t last as long and each level up the wall is smaller in width but more residual burn damage at lv3 than lv1)

Tongue grab- Shorter tongue range but the CD is faster so you can use it more often up close with reduced damage(fast zapping tongue like a lizard)

Fissure-Forms a tower circle of burning fire with wider radius instead of the straight line fissure at present and lingers on the ground for a few seconds but does less damage than vanilla BoB

Larva Bomb-Fire 2 bombs out both smaller in radius and less damage on impact to hunter but if you step into them they do more residual burn damage and the droplets last longer on the floor.


and when they use yetpack it ignites and deals high fire damage.
personaly i would like to see something like that XD

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