Behemoth Ability Suggestion. Devs please read :)


Im going to do the best i can to explain what i mean. LOL. i can visualize it but for some reason Im blanking on how to explain it… LOL.

Anyways. Start off with

  1. Rock wall. It would be nice if when you held the button to spawn the wall, that an actual see through RED wall appeared in the shape and form of what the wall would look like if you let go of the button. Kinda like what the dome look like before you throw it. It would help people understand better where the wall will be going and if there is going to be any gaps or problem with the terrain and spawning the wall. Much better imo the a little red dot that in the heat of the battle sometimes you cant even see it.

  2. Fissure thing. Now maybe its cause i have not played the behemoth enough ( due to i cant win with out roll spamming :frowning: ) but i have a really hard time lining this ability up. Is it the direction your body is facing? or is it the spot you put your ret on? Either way i think a much better way would be to actually show a red run way where the fissure strike will attack. like how the leap smash or rock throw reg glow shows up so as the monster its clear where you are attacking. Same idea but show the effected are for the fissure so you can hold, line up the fissure, then let go to attack.

As for the other attacks well the tongue grab at times feels buggy at lower levels but thats prolly just latency issues but many times it feels like my tongue goes right through people.

And the lava bomb well is just way too slow… LOL … oh well…

Most important for me is the first two tho… Thanks for reading. :smile:



Changed category to Feedback. :smile:






In all seriousness, though, I really like your idea for Rock Wall and Fissure. :+1:



Thanks. I hope that someone on the dev team actually read this and its considered. Cause i think it would be great and help the wall and fissure be more effective for pros and casuals.



Proper improvements, just proper



You’re welcome! But, seriously though, you should have that tongue looked at. O.o



Those ideas are great and would be very helpful, I hope they get implemented at some point.



Yeah i realize that these are defiantly not overnight quick fixes as they would require a bit of work to come to life. But i feel the outcome would be awesome. :smile:

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