Before you get mad at someone for no mic stop and think


I’ve been enjoying evolve since the alpha but is one thing that upsets me you see I’m a mute in other words I can’t physically speak but I can hear just fine I can’t even count how many times I’ve been yelled at by people thinking I don’t have a mic evendors if we ein they still have pointed commets or acTed the mic gave them magic powers and they soloed the monset all by themselves . all I really want say just think before you yell at someone they maybe someone like me


Yes, getting angry at someone purely for not using a mic is the most foolish thing imaginable. Unless you know that person well in real life, you can’t judge people like that. Perhaps they’re mute. Perhaps they have personal reasons for not using a mic. You never know, so you always give them the benefit of the doubt.

And to be honest, unless you’re going competitive, you do not need a mic.


well noones rly gonne get mad if ure answering them in chat.

most of the time its because noones listening.


Uuuummm…I can’t speak in real life dude so how can answer them in chat…


I rarely use a mic. It makes it much easier to shout at the people doing very bad. Just saying…


If you dont have a mic, they dont even know if you can hear them, so they wouldnt even be able to tell you “stealth me” if you are Cabot to save them from otherwise certain death.

In Battlefield 4 in the Defuse setting I ran into the same problem, except they have command prompts you can give. So I would just say something like, “Can I get a “Affirmative” if you can at least hear me.” I’d get one if they could, then we would be able to coordinate a lot better then previously.

I guess in this game you could use the Dots or Pings, but you wouldnt wanna confuse the damn trapper would you?


I’m fine with people not having mics. As long as you can coordinate well, and can use pings; we’re all good. ^.^


Is that why you play with me? ^.-


You’re pro Rose, you don’t need a mic. ^.^
I play with you, because it’s fun. ^.-


There’s no reason for “yelling” at another player, period.

However, I won’t stop politely asking people if they can use their mic as it improves gameplay and gaming experience solely because one of them might be mute. If players cannot talk for any reason (no microphone, kid/spouse sleeping in the same room, mute, embarassed by their squeaky voice or their accent …) then so be it. At least I’ve asked.


Sure thing voice comm helps ALOT, but i also find those games rewarding where there is some kind of invisible link and every characters does exactly what he should without saying anything and only using pings.

Also i am never sure if that damn push to talk is active and working properly now or not, the symbol kinda lags behind and confuse me.


Actions speak louder than words.


I can confirm that the push to talk function is wonky. Sometimes it defaults to voice activation and, since my wife plays and streams next to me (not evolve unfortunately) and has a penetrating voice (!), this can be an inconvenience to my teammates.


Please try to double check what you type…

CAN’T and CAN makes a huge difference !

And i have never seen anybody yelling at somebody because they don’t have mic :0 ! Probably some bad luck you got grouped with noobshits !


Sorry about I just reread my post there…okay all fixed sorry about that.


Getting mad at people for not having mics? That’s weird even for the cazy stuff I saw. It’s more likely to get yelled a for actually talking…


That’s with me in the game. ^.^

People can’t stand to hear me talk. :stuck_out_tongue: