Before the match starts


Can we please wait for the game to fill before the match starts? It’s really, really difficult to beat a competent monster with bots.

When people do join late, it forces them into a character they don’t want to be with perks they don’t want to have and often in a losing position.

I tend to get put into games as Val with capacity. That just gives me one extra tranquilizer dart and can heal unnecessarily long.

A lot of times I would just like to play a quick game, but I can’t do it without being thrown into an in-progress game as someone I would rather not be with perks I don’t want.

If it would just wait for games to fill, a lot of these problems would be solved.


I’m all for this. Another neat thing they could also add would be to add time if someone leaves when there’s thirty-seconds or less on the timer in the character selection screen.


Maybe a stall timer vote? Though maybe just for hunters as the monster would probably always hit no, like round restart.