Before The Deepest Dark Challenge begins in 2 hours


So the challenge thingy is starting in less than two hours. Anyone know what we’ll actually be doing? Do we have to play the Deepest Dark map 100,000 times :fearful: And how will we unlock the Night Hunter skins + PalParn? I just like knowing what I’m up against ~(•3•)~


The 1st skins will be given at 33k games played and the 2nd at 66k and if we reach 100k padalin parnell


Oh god no!

We just have to play Coop games…not exactly Deepest Dark


Yeah but like, to EVERYONE playing?


From what I understand all you have to do is win in the Co-op Vs AI game mode, and play at least 1 match in the mode to be eligible for the rewards. As for the reward milestones they automatically complete as all hunter playing Evolve Stage 2 win in the Co-op Vs AI. Once the next patch hits the rewards should be handed out according to how many milestones are completed during the challenge time.

P.S. if it’s anything like the last challenge we will hit the 100k wins in about 48 hours from the starting time.


Everyone logged in from when the event begins to when it ends


Except for founders. Founders get regardless of whether they were logged in or not, so long as the goal was achieved.


Except for the skins I believe that is event only


Yeah, it’s just that everyone needs to have logged in during the event. I think you have to play at least one co-op match? But not sure on that one. Any case, I still haven’t played the event, just so I could wait and play it during the events expected start time.

Essentially, over the event time the community as a whole will have to play 100,000 co-op games in order for Founders and Non-founders to receive the Abe Nighthunter and Bucket Nighthunter skins. Founders automatically will have Paladin Parnell, but for everyone else, that full 100,000 must be met to get it. I assume it’s to get it for ‘free’ rather than spending keys on it. Either way, with the recent bug with wildlife running faster than the monsters, I expect that there will be fewer monsters playing, and thereby fewer games outside of co-op vs. AI. Maybe.

It’s almost like they planned it. Jk jk xD

…but seriously… friggen Marsh Striders…


Check out my stickied post about challenge details:

Post in that thread if you have any questions about the challenge :slight_smile: :monster:


To be honest, few players would enjoy COOP without 10X exp & keys.