Before Patch

I’m not trying to be rude, but I don’t much like the new hunt. I used to play evolve constantly but after the patch I was kinda upset and only played twice since the patch. I know they tried to improve everything but I dunno, I liked it before. Anyone else feel this way? Ok well that’s it. Sorry for complaining and if I wasted your time.


I love the Ranked aspect but what they did with matchmaking makes it so that I am unable to play hunters and only play Monster which takes about average 20minutes to find a game…

Yeah the ranking was brilliant, but I just find it difficult to wanna play now

Just play Arena, or better yet try another game.

I agree with this. I used to play hunt a lot, but now every time I do, I get wrecked with a team of new players. And I know you’re supposed to to be playing with premades now, but sometimes I just want to take my chances and not take the time to send invites and figure everything out to gather a team. Even in silver, the people I get put with are seemingly 80% garbage. So unless you go out of your way to coordinate and get a team together, you just end up waiting fifteen minutes to get wrecked. I know that teamwork is what evolve is centered around, but I don’t think you should be forced to have a premade to do well. I hope things will be better once they fix this broken matchmaking, but for now if I want to just get in and have fun I am stuck playing arena

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Yeah I don’t play evolve much anymore. My teams were so bad I only won 1 out of my first 10 matches. It’s sad cause that was my favorite game :cry:

And once you get put in bronze, it’s almost literally impossible to move up at all because the teammates are so bad. I think having a team of coordinated players should be encouraged, not mandatory. It should be more difficult, but not impossible, to win with randoms. There are a lot of bronze level players in silver and a lot of silvers stuck in bronze. Once they fix that, I think hunt will be fun again

I hope so, I’m glad I’m not the only person feeling that way