Before I start to play - How is the connection on PS4 at the moment?


Hi guys,
we all know that Evolve has huge connections issues on PS4, so we deal now 8 Weeks with it and I think a fix could take even longer, no one knows.

But let us help each other out with sharing some infos about current connection states like if it is worth to play Evolve at the moment.

As a Player you never know on PS4 if the connection is stable, so let us share here some informations if we can play Evolve on PS4 or not.
Its enough if just some people lose unfair points due dissconnects or lose a entire match just cause a dissconnect. Then all other people dont need to run as well into this issue and we can play other games.

This thread is not about complaining, this thread should just be a data source if we can play Evolve at the moment on PS4 or not. In other words: “Is it worth to start Evolve on PS4?”


today i didnt hv some proplems i think the bad conncection is just on weekend^^


lol, I am so dumb. I thought today is friday cause the holiday tomorrow ^^


Everyone knows it only happens on the weekend you silly goose.

To my knowledge it only happens on Saturday and Sunday.


Save room for me please I’ll be home very soon :grin:


I usually have no trouble playing quick play with randoms. It’s when I try and join a team to play Hunt 2.0 that causes disconnects, bugs, etc.


Aaaa quick play is for casuals fook dat mode!

Just messing…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


As you know @TatzyXY it’s the w/end where most the problems lately have been but even in the week MM could be faster and also TRS when you getting the leaderboards working? My precious wins aren’t registering!:slightly_frowning_face:


I always play quickplay because i was getting tired of waiting for a team to play against and i must say…best decision i ever made!!
As the title of the game mode says…its QUICK-play and you find matches wayyyy more easy then in hunt 2.0…
Also…the match isn’t over when a teammate disconnects…they just become bots and then they’re just replaced by another gamer…(but u probably already knew that…)
Bad thing about it is that you join alot of games that are already lost (probably because of rage-quitters)
So i usually change my preference to a class i dont really care about in the leaderboard…then after the match has ended i change back to my prefered class so that i have a fair chance with the character i want to play :slight_smile:
Also…if you notice the game being slow or you have the music bug (no song playing) you must press the ps-button, close application and restart the game because those bugs always result in more bugs and possible disconnects if you ask me…

Hope i helped :smiley:


2016.03.26 - 22:45 CET
To all guys at the moment you cant play Evolve on PS4, dont try it and lose points!
Just a kind info for you :wink:


Sunday - 2016.03.27 - 20:00 0:00 CET
No connection issues at all, could play all day and night. Is it maybe fixed?


Looks like it is! :heart_eyes: