Been quite sometime


Hoping to slip back into the fold on the forums here. Its been a long while since ive really even been able to visit. IM also trying to get back into the game (still one of my favorites) after having not been able to.

Are there any metas i should be made aware of as to not be the fool?

Wonder if the prominent community members are still around…

Well anyways, looking forward to forum-ing with yall again.


Welcome (back) to the forums!


Welcome back. It’s great to see returning faces. :slight_smile:

When was the last time you played? Just as a point of reference.

There have been a few changes to say the least and there’s a massive patch coming up soon. It will completely change the way we play so I’d imagine we’ll all take a bit of time to get used to the upcoming changes.


honestly other than a few bot matches here and there i havent played with match making in probably a year. School and work kicked my teeth in and broke my legs (figuratively).


Well then, you’re in for quite a shock. :smile:

Are you aware of the tier 4 and 5 characters that have been released?

We also have adaptations, which are different takes on the current characters. They have different looks and their weapons are slightly varied to their original version. So far we have Wasteland Maggie, Tech Sergeant Hank, Blitz Markov, Rogue Val, Meteor Goliath and Elder Kraken. More are coming after patch 9.0.

Honestly, so much has happened since you last played. I’d recommend having a read of all the patch notes. I hope you enjoy the game as much as you did last time you played. :smile:


yea ive thrown some of the new hunters into the bots i fight. Karla seems pretty strong.


She’s so much fun. Takes time to learn to use her really effectively though. I don’t play as much as I’d like to so I’m not quite there yet. :smile:

I’d just try everyone out and see how you like them at the moment. Don’t know if you have the hunting season 2, but gorgon is a blast to play as. I’d definitely play as her a few times.


Welcome back.


Dammit, I wish I did a return post… Anyway, welcome back!:smiley:


Guess it depends on who you consider prominent…


Welcome back, I remember you :smiley:
We’re glad to have you back.


well Plaff was only recently modded and sledge painter had just gotten modded on the forums as well shortly before i had left


They’re both still here. :slight_smile:


good to know


I was honestly afraid to come back to the forums to find out the game was dead because a bunch of ass clowns couldnt do any research at all and gave the game bad reviews without having tried it and so then 2k cut funding. I was gonna be pretty depressed. Then im told the next major update is around the corner. Much relief.


I want to welcome you back but don’t want to seem unoriginal. I guess I’ll just reply with some irrelevant post outlining my dilemma.


Welcome back!!! :smiley: