Been gone too long


Been forever since I been on here! Ah loving the new hunters and digging wasteland Maggie! Mad max themed stuff is my cup of tea ( I don’t really think she’s themed just saying lol) anyways, this new support? First support I’ve ever really put time into lol love kala!!! So mysterious and so…badass! Excuse my language haha, so much I need to catch up on but just wanted to post this cause I’m getting back into evolve and boy I’m glad I did haha


Welcome back! It’s funny because, the community named her Mad Maggs since like you said, she’s totally Mad Max themed :smiley:


Yeah, T5 has to be my favorite tier. The characters are just so interesting and unique. My mains currently are Torvald, Abe, Emet, Kala, and Gorgon. That’s three from T5. Over all, I’m super happy with the new characters.


Gorgon and wraith have me torn as my monster mains haha but I agree tier 5 is freaking amazing! Loving how great this game is, I can’t wait for more adaptions!


Welcome back! It’s always amazing to see new and returning faces! :smile:


Have you come across Elder Kraken yet?


Oh yes, he looks amazing!!! Love the lovecraftian appearance, reminds me of the story “call of cthulu” , elder kraken looks like a mix of the cyclops that lived on the island (because of his massive eye) but the rest of him is total cthulu! Ahhh so excited to play him


Welcome back good to have you back .



Glad we have a returning player. It’s good to know TRS has you hooked. It might mean other players will do the same. :slight_smile:

Yea, Kala’s good. My sister played against a stage 3 Behemoth in Arena as the last man standing… and destroyed nearly 75% of the monsters health bar. That’s good, because it means Hunters have a chance against Monsters in Arena now without constant worry of being pounce-attacked as the last man.

Are you playing on Steam? A lot of players have been returning to the PC lately, so I’ve been told.


Ah man I’m a Xbox one kinda guy lol did a few quick matches last night to dust off my skills as the monsters, not to toot my horn but I did pretty damn good, I tried out kala, she’s totally badass! I only tried her in hunt and nest though, have to give her a go in arena


She’s really good in arena. Really good.


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