Been away for a while. How's things with Evolve?


Hey all. Took a break from this game for a couple months and just started playing again. I only took a break because I played nothing but this gave for the longest time and fit a little burnt out. That and my friends kinda fell out too. Little too brutal fit their looking I think.

So how’s the player base look for PC and X1 nowadays? What’s some of the biggest changes? I’ve got all current monsters/hunters. Gorgon is fun and…different. Lol.

Wouldn’t mind finding a group of hunters to roll with. I’m serious and competitive, but not so serious that it’s over bearing. I like to have fun too. Anyone need a fourth to fill in every now and then, just let me know. I play PC and X1.


Well the game is pretty Hunter favored.


I remember it being that way when I took a break too. Although I see monsters now have some armor after evolving. That’s a welcome change.


It’s not that bad anymore. Things are steering in the right direction.

Changes, changes… Eh, we got Rogue Val and Blitz Markov now, so that’s pretty sick. Um… How long have you been gone for, exactly?


Yeah, but they take more damage while evolving.


Generally not enough to break armor however.


Doesn’t matter when you’re me!


I think I to a break shortly after hunt 2.0 went live. So maybe it’s been longer than I thought. I was pretty in to it, looking up all sorts of strategies and stuff. Playing just about every day. Just got burnt out on it. Lol. Ironically, I just realized this, I’m sitting out in the woods deer hunting. Lol. That got me thinking about Evolve. Lol. Especially when I find tracks, runs/trails, small trees shredded by deer, etc. I think that means I miss playing this game. Lol. I may need help


Somethings you should know lore-wise now…

• The Week-Long Evacuation of the planet is over. Now the hunter’s are trying to find a way off planet.

• Ida Lennox, the newest assault, was an architect who helped build much of Shear, including the Broken Hill areas. She’s stacked, m8.

• Ida Lennox has fooled around with a lot of gold diggers in her day, thus allowing her to birth out her 15 year old son, Jack, the newest trapper. They’re keeping it a secret from the team however, as that would embarrass Jack.

• The team met Jack and Lennox separately. It has yet to be revealed how they met Lennox, but they met Jack when he intervened and helped them kill a Behemoth.

• A Gorgon destroyed a Class 3 colony on another planet called Chapel.

• There are teased audio clips of the new support/medic, and recently everyone’s profile pics got changed to these weird faces. We think they’re the (possibly) robotic Medic’s.


My game still crashes or is plagued by some bug of sorts every other game on ranked (not an exaggeration), so there is that.


Had an issue with that myself. 3 games in and crash to desktop. Sighed when it happened and was like “still?”


Was yours that "DXGI hung device error "? That’s what I got again.


Theres a lot of new characters, but unfortunately when gorgon came out a crap load of bugs came with her (no pun intended). Now the game crashes pretty often and gameplay is riddled with many small annoying bugs.

The game is still very hunter favored, and Val/Sunny are in like every match because they’re easily the best combo, even better than Caira/hank used to be.

Quick play matchmaking is fast… Atleast on ps4 it is. Hunt 2.0 still matches you with people not even close to your rank though, and takes forever to do it.

The devs are aware of all the bugs/problems and are working as fast as possible to fix it, but as we know that still feels like forever, and with every bug fix there seems to be more new bugs that appear.

The game is still very fun to play, but bugs plaque your expierence so often that it sometimes isn’t worth it sadly.


That’s unfortunate. TRS has one of the most unique and fun games out there. When it’s firing on all cylinders and working properly, it’s more fun than just about any game out there in my opinion (and I have quite a few games I bounce between). Such a unique experience this game is. It’s really a shame my friends lost interest in this game because of the time it takes to fix bugs or imbalances that was game breaking for them.


Yeah ik what you mean. Evolve is definetly in my top3 favorite games of all time, but sometimes it’s just so frustrating with all the bugs and glitches. My 2 friends who I game with quit a long time ago too because we all had to all be hunters instead of 2 hunters 1 monster (although they added this feature now).


Well here’s a meta recap of your interested:


I still play it, so there’s that!