Beef with auto aim


Im finding a lot of people using the aim assist and abusing it. Its one thing if it helps you center on the target first thing but being able to spam it and keep track of a monster from far away and being able to hit them with very little skill involved is highly disappointing and i feel a little unfair. I may be a monster but i do WORK for my kills, why shouldnt you have to?


I’m a monster player myself, and here’s my thought on it. It becomes very ineffective at long range, and at close range your probably going to be taking that damage anyways. I say let the damage come, it’s not like being slightly more accurate is going to stop me from stomping your face into a bloody pulp.


I would say this too but your wrong. In bad weather with maybe 50m of vision they can still hit me 100m+ out with deadly accurate aim and with hank or hyde doing it, its fucking obnoxious for you to even use kraken traversals because your gonna get hit and hurt no matter what.


How do you even know that that’s auto-aim? I’ve tried to use it at that range and it always ends up locking on to something else. Bots and dead-on accurate at all times, and some humans are pretty damn accurate at long range as well. Don’t blame the auto-aim for them hitting a large moving target at medium range, blame yourself for being in their sights to begin with.


No point in talking to you when i can play kraken and manage to dodge bullets all day long and then one person comes along with perfect aim and happens to be slim being able to spam heals like theyre absolutely nothing to them. I also was just watching a tournament team do this. The disappoinment is real and you must not have played against a good team that can actually dome you and work you over without autoaim. Add that ontop and your basically screwed.


Meh it’s an exploit that’s gonna be abused until it’s patched thus rendering it a tactic.

Only way to avoid it is to get used to it being incorporated into the game.


Funny how you tell someone to avoid the unavoidable :wink:


Haha what I meant was soon everyone will be doing it.

The game will turn into a matter of who auto aims better.

Sorta like snaking in Mario kart DS, wave dashing in smash bros or super pouncing in left4dead

Only way to avoid it is to become very good at it as a hunter, and learn how to adapt and counter it as a monster.


@raptor Watch the top competitive teams play. All they do is aim with the left trigger. If they are doing it clearly its better than normal aiming


Yeah. Putting shame to the name of professionals and making us hard working players feel like weve wasted all out efforts. THANKS.


yep as abe I can spam it for the tranq dart and it will land 150 meters away. cud i land it without auto aim? sure but why waste my beautiful fingers when i can just sqeeze a trigger lol.


The real answer is because you lack sportsmanship.


no the real answer is consistancy. why would a risk a tournament loss on missing bcuz i chose not to use aim assist. when the team that just beat my ass is spamming it like crazy. 100% accuracy vs the multiple misses that adds up to 1-2k more a game that could have killed that 1 hp bar monster.


Well thats just sad if tournament teams are doing it. Professionals my ass. GET GUD. Seriously when it gets fixed pro teams are gonna get stomped into the dirt since theyre too busy exploiting instead of honeing their skills. Seriously though you people are ass holes for doing this while the monster actually has to work hard for his kills. DO YOU EVEN HAVE ANY RESPECT???


welp. tell that to the future xbox winners who have 60k$. they will not care 1 bit. the observer mode doesnt show it. thank god cuz no one wants to see a camera screen bounce in and out 1000 times. but they are all definately doing it.


Yes and they dont deserve that money one bit. It makes me rage on the inside so i posted this so hopefully TRS will do something about it.


its funny cuz i was fine with it. then i played against my own team with a another guy who is godly with slim. then i played in the tourney with supposedly the #1 slim. i watched my matches over and over trying to figure out how i lost.

I mean i wreck pub slims easily. even with hank. but these guys had it down to a T. and what were they doing? auto aim so that if i jump over slim into a charge, or warp over there head to WARP BACK over their head for a warp blast. the goddam slim didnt miss a single shot. healing every 3 shots.


I apologize in advance.

Evolve needs to balance it’s PC’s before it can start altering the game assist mechanics. You say Auto-aim (Which is on consoles only btw) is so overpowered that you can get shot at long range easily (Whilst being out in the open as a Kraken). then I will say that, at tournament level (Which seems to be the most prominent use of this auto-aim spam) monsters have around a 70% win rate. In which case, I’m fine with no auto aim as long as all monsters get a wide and hefty nerf.

You see? annoying isn’t it. Hunters are already at a disadvantage. A good monster player can win against almost any hunter team, problem is if you nerf all the monsters the people who play casually will be hurt the most, as to balance the game means that only those who are really good monsters players will be a fair fight for the really good hunters. Your call for no auto aim could be taken in a similar light. Good players using this ontop of their skills will have an advantage, however if it is taken off it’s the bad to casual players who will be hurt the most because they need it to pull them up.

Evolve has to make a decision. Either it tries to really break into being an E-sports viable game, at which point everything must be balanced based off of tournament level players, or the highest level. Which would learn towards monster nerfs across the board. Or, it can stay as it is. At the base level yes it’s imbalanced, but it is for the benefit of the casual players who just want to have some fun smashing hunters or monsters into oblivion. Understand, for every little niggling mechanic that makes you rage with the thought that you might lose. It’s the hunters who have it worse off.

Rant over.


I love aim bot assist, it isn’t effective at long range with most guns but in a dome fight your pretty much going to always get the damage in unless the monster can evade and put enough stress on the hunters to get them to back off.

Is it wrong? I stopped caring about that a while ago.

Should it be looked at? Yes if you ask me.


what tournament has a 70% win rate? Esl had it 52% hunter two weekends ago when i watched. the stats were posted on here. in fact kraken lost a ton and goliath came out as the best win rate.

auto aim is possible on PC. plug in a console controller and use K&B. u can now turn on auto aim settings.