Becoming to hard for monsters


cabot,abe and val. YOU WILL NEVER GET AWAY and thats what everyone is using.

is anyone else noticing this?


Yup I noticed it too ! It is realy realy hard, you have to be only one with the wild (except if you play Wraith ofc :smiley: )


I am seeing more laz than val.


A strategy i sometimes like to use when the hunters close in on me (before im actually tracked) is to wait in ambush and quickly get rid of abe before the medic can respond. This means he can’t dome you or dart you and gets a strike to his name, making the next time he domes you easier for you to take him out again.

Edit: This is when medic is Caira or Val.


right now i can win with kraken and with wraith, as goliath a early dome is almost game because you will not get away anymore… i really liked goliath before :frowning:


Also, tracking dart duration is WAY to long.

i cant get away


Laz is more popular by a lot I believe


It’s not always about getting away? If im playing goliath and i am tracked i simply use most of my stamina to get out of direct line of vision, leap slam some wildlife, quickly eat it and move on to be ready for the next dome. That way even though my position is constantly known i can still fight toe to toe and if i want to evolve i simply try and down 1-2 hunters and move to the other side of the map to have enough time to do so.


If you’re against an actual GROUP of people, I guess it might be a hard combo to deal with. But I’ve played a part in that trio on the Hunter side while pugging (God Almighty, I hate pugging), and we got thoroughly wiped with the “Flee til full armor S3 + Flee while domed” tactic that has taken higher level monsters by storm.


This is why I don’t want the wraith, which I’ve yet to unlock to be nerfed, sure the wraith is OP but for Goliath and Kraken, the hunters are OP.


Would like to fight that once myself to see how strong it actually is. Maybe it will finally end my winning streak so I can play without keeping the 0 losses in the back of my mind that has to be protected :smiley:


Goliath? Not so much. The Kraken though… Hoo boy that squid suffers problems alright!