'Beauty and the Beast' official US Trailer. [Its so bootiful|


Then you must ask yourself only one question.
What guarantees it will make as much money as other current Disney films?
And no, you can not say make it good, because things may go wrong.
(This is what a Disney exc would think, how can we guarantee this will not lose us money)


That’s not something that is easily answerable but I can say this.

If the story is good and the characters are good, then the medium doesnt matter. But whatever the medium, it’s proper use can make the movie better.


Then how about a traditional drawn remake of Hunch Back of Notre Dame?
People liked that movie so with some changed elements it should definitely make money!


It could very well be good but I’m of the stance that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it so I don’t see it as needed.

I want more originals personally.
What I really want to see is the Dresden Files put to film. I don’t care what medium they pick, but animation would suit it well I bet.


But Hunch Back is broken. (both a pun and a real statement)


its 18+ in russia but no cuts.


People don’t really buy into traditional drawn animation anymore. They just are just dust collector, shitty cgi films easily sell over them. Sadly that seems to be a trend that a majority of consumers want and execs want to invest in.

I personally loved the Princess and the Frog film. It was pretty cool and I loved the setting.


ohhh mannn you hit it right there !! brava
why no john cena, that would have been the best and see him as the bad guy

aikzz, u kinda summed it up for me… now i dont feel like watching it. :confused:

also i dont think they were openly willing to admit gay then, in fear of their lives, as in the movie period.


was he really that gay though? I haven’t watched the animated movie in about 7 years.


i saw it says gay in the wiki before this but i meant that in previous ages, same sex relation is not as open as today. idk if they get killed or not for it, maybe different to countries / religion. only the 21st century became popular


In Malaysia the only way you’d get pass the censor board if your character is gay or anything lgbt, they have to either: die, repent or suffer the consequences of their lifestyle.
Its super messed up. XD


In England the punishment was chemical castration. Don’t know about France though.



anyone here seen the movie yet? share ur thoughts but no spoiler plz ! the beast becomes wolverine, there i spoiled it for u. everybody knows the story


if youre a fan of Rogue One, check out its HISHE too - i laughed my head off at “stockholm syndrome” ^


These are usually pretty good. I enjoy the talks between superman and batman at the ends of most of them.


The comments on this newspost made me cringe a little bit


I don’t even understand why its a thing? The fact they stated it before release means they were trying to make a big deal out of it. Which they shouldn’t have.

That just proves to me that they wanted this publicity.


Not sure I follow.


Even bad publicity is good publicity because it gets people talking. People talking is almost always a good thing. Look at the recent election. Even though there was so much stupid and crap thrown (From both sides) face it… everyone was talking about it.


@MaddCow worded it beautifully.