'Beauty and the Beast' official US Trailer. [Its so bootiful|


I believe that particular actor died lighting a firecracker off on his head.

Edit: https://www.google.com/amp/variety.com/2015/biz/news/disney-performer-dead-shot-fireworks-off-head-1201534404/amp/


Oh, that’s terrible. However they seem like different actors to me.


I’m on mobile and can’t tell for sure, but I’ll defer to you.

You might be correct: see the update


Yes! Much better! xD


Sometimes you’re a wet blanket.

Reality. Pfft.

Jk :purple_heart: u



wow that just is a terrible accident. :frowning:


This topic turned very dark, fast.


That’s my bad, sorry.


I’m not a fan of the art direction and Gaston is not nearly beefy enough.

I think I could take new Gaston in a fight and that shouldn’t happen.


Caution, strong language. I want to see the live action version of this one:


My country’'s censor board is turning into a laughing stock, getting triggered over nothing. XD
In other Muslim countries like Malaysia’s neighbor Indonesia or in the Middle East there are no cuts as well. So that’s why the Malaysian ban is getting so much attention.


If they didn’t outright say, “He’s gay,” then I doubt this would be a problem.


yeah definitely. XD


PG13 for beauty and the beast? Wat?


I’m still not understanding Disney remaking these older movies. Or just remakes in general. Too many of them.

Also I want traditional animation back damnit!


That was called Princess and the Frog. Didn’t do too well.
Also the movie industry is in a nostalgia period.
All the people who grew up with these older films are now film makers, so now they’re doing their take on their childhood.


I doubt being an animated movie was the cause of that though. It generally just wasn’t an interesting movie.


Doesn’t matter. That was Disney’s try at it, didn’t do too well.
Stick to the newer CGI movies which, in the most recent films, are doing very well and look extremely nice.


They do generally look nice but I know I’m not alone when I say I want more traditional animation.

Half the reason Beauty and the Beast was so good is because of the amazing effects it had as a cartoon.

Animation done right can even help aide a sub par story along. In all honesty the plot of the original is pretty bland and not well thought out but it gets uplifted by the visual effects that you get caught up in it and kind of forget.