'Beauty and the Beast' official US Trailer. [Its so bootiful|


This looks very true to the animated adaptation, its so bootiful. :heart_eyes:

The talking furniture part is still creepy though.


A couple of things for me:

  1. Disney really should be doing new stuff, not literally beat for beat of the original animated film.

  2. Beast’s face is terrible. It’s too triangular and just doesn’t look very beasty. He looks too much like the Faun from Chronicles of Narnia

  3. Gaston isn’t as bulky/large as in the animated film and seems miscast.

  4. Belle seems a bit too short. For them trying to nail down the first movie beat for beat this is a bit of a miscast.

In general, I dislike Disney’s attempt at remaking everyone of their films in live action instead of what they were known for. I’m sure they are doing this beat for beat because there was a lot of disdain for Maleficent.


Well, apart from Gaston.

I know it’s hard to match Gaston, but Gaston is way too scrawny here compared to OG Gaston. Being large and strong enough to battle the beast was kind of the thing he had going for him.


They should have took John Cena and put a wig on him.



[quote=“DarKastlez, post:5, topic:107032, full:true”]
They should have took John Cena and put a wig on him.

[/quote]That would make the scene in the pub play out very differently.

"Who does she think she is?! No-one says no to me. And my name is- JOHN CENA!"
John Cena theme starts blaring


Joe Manganiello would work well to.



Then again, it’s Disney we’re talking about. I feel as if it’s all about Pixar or Dreamworks these days in regards to animated movies.

At least Dreamworks comes up regularly with new movies that are quite good (looking away from all the Shrek sequels off course)


Kuba was an AMAZING film, if you haven’t seen it I HIGHLY recommend it.

Pixar has been ok. I feel that their last half dozen or so (Outside of Toy Story 3) were kinda… meh. Not bad, but not quality like the first half dozen or so Pixar films.


Gaston and Beast are the only problems I have with this
Gaston isn’t as big as the animated, and Beast isn’t as beastly


Well, Up was a nice movie. But yeah, from there on things started to go down with Toy Story 3, Cars 2…

(oh Inside Out was good too)


Inside Out was good, but I felt like it was too similar to Osmosis Jones to make it great. But Ya, Cars 1 wasn’t even that great, Cars 2 was stupid.


Cars 2 was milking the cow further. Although understandable if you are making animated movies for a profit.

I haven’t yet watched The secret life of pets. Don’t know if it’s any good.


Secret life of pets is weird. I’m glad I watched it but I won’t be watching it any time soon.
Also Cars 3 is confirmed soooooo.


I think it looks really good. Beast obviously is more a a satyr than the actually beast and his face isn’t as much like a wolf with the snout and all, but I think the reason for that is obvious. Emma Watson looks great in this movie too. I can’t wait to see her in the classic yellow dress.


Only Disney film to make me cry. I really liked the teapot and the Beast in the animated film.


Teapot looks honestly weird in this film.
So who’s ready for the Robbin William-less Aladdin prequel and remake? In live action! (Im not)


Why why why do they have to try and make their creatures look pretty? It annoys me, I want a beast, this nerd looks like a super model from Narnia.

Edit: this works

Edit2: I didn’t see Maddcow also made a Narnia reference, damn it all. I strive to be original, but i’m always derivative.


People bitch either way, I think right now its safer to assume that they’d want to go down the safer route of making it as close to the original to avoid fan backlash.

No will be able to be Gaston. Gaston is love, Gaston is life itself.

We don’t know if it is going to be beat to beat the same movie, because then it’d be pointless watching it other than for the visuals. XD

I love Emma and I love Belle, I’m just not sure about Emma Watson as Belle though… Not liking her in the trailer. :confused:

Yes another one.

Disney is in the business of making money, in order to make such money they have to spend hundreds of millions into it first. Remakes/adaptations/reboots are just a safer route to invest money and time in. Just look at the state of rest of the mainstream Hollywood films and Video aaa game industry. People always strive for change, but when it really comes down to it they can’t rake in the money needed for it to make enough of an impact. In the end the industries all fall back to what they know is safe.

And please don’t use terms like “raping my childhood” and “ruining my childhood memories”. They’re a disgusting not because they’re politically incorrect but in no way should these ruin ourlives. #FirstWorldProblems. :laughing:

edit: Disney does still have new property, but they’re mostly around animated features now. A big part of why they’re still invested in that is the merch they can get out of them, films aside from their Star Wars franchise can’t come anything close to that.

The whole movie industry is very stale and slow at the moment. The only really thing that are really worth watching are all these super big budgets comicbook adaptation properties.

Want something cohesive or different we’re stuck with indies or alt films, tv like private cable and streaming services is probably another place to look at if we want something original. Because they aren’t as concerned at times with pleasing the masses and don’t rely too much on men in suits effect.

Gaston is life, Gaston is love itself. They will never, I repeat NEVER find a huuman to play my Gaston. :heart:


How would we be able to see him though?

I honestly think the only person who could come close to Gaston is James Ellsworth.


[quote=“Azmi_Anuar, post:19, topic:107032”]
No will be able to be Gaston. Gaston is love, Gaston is life itself.
[/quote]There’s a reason no-one will be able to accurately portray Gaston. And that’s because:
No-one can be Gaston like Gaston!”