Beauty and the Beast. A Kraken and Wraith design to Aliens x Species

The Beauty

Wraith’s design wasn’t always so elegant and purty. Infact the original concept for the Wraith is like something straight out of a horror film taken by Capcom to refurbish in a Resident Evil game that’s been spit out Dead Space.

Look at that tummy.

quite disturbing…

So one day the devs were like, yeah let’s try something else, this is getting too creepy. By putting the monster in a more feminine and human silhouette form they have made a beautiful monster straight out of wet dreams.

mid stage of the Wraith’s concept design.

the ultimate form

Femme Fatale.

Here’s an article of Jon talking about the Wraith’s feminine design. [Go to games.on]

There’s also somewhere floating in the Sexy Wraith or Evolution of EVOLVE thread where one the people from the team said something about how they really looked into the Species monster/aliens(errr which is it?) as a referral point.

This one looks closer to the Kraken than any of the last Species aliens or Wraith. Probably because it wasn’t design by the first two people.

The Beast

Wasn’t always the beast that we know and love today. He used to looked closer to this little guy

just with a hundred tentacles, than a badass squid/cthulhu leviathan hybrid beast.

concept arts

At this point of the development process, they wanted the monster feel more relatable so made them more humanoid.

So in comes our buddy.

The beautiful Xenomorph have very clear influence on both the design of final Kraken and Wraith.


Kraken and Wraith are brothers and sisters or at least come from the same family team.

For those of you whom have gotten this far of this post. Here’s an early video of The Host monster which was inspired by Spongebob Squarepants and Canadian Beavers.

low quality image on alleged fifth playable monster as a stage one.


Torvald 5th monster confirmed!

Them nipple claws shoulda been real. There woulda been so many wonderful threads about it.