Beating Wrath: some suggestions


I love playing Wrath. It fits my stealthy play style a lot and feels very powerful but I’m not against giving away a tip that will help you tick us off as much as we do to you.

A proper Wrath will stealth around you all day looking for food. Rounds can take forever but as long as you don’t have the puppy, you may as well camp the power station.

Kill our food. Kill all of it. By the time we eat enough to get to level 2, most of it has decayed to the point that it’s either gone or only worth 1 point. Also, don’t kill the big guys. If that’s all there is, we need to pop some abilities to down it.

Also, stop using dome at the top of a fight I’ve initiated. If I have armor I’m not going anywhere. Wait till you think I’m going to leave and get some health damage at least. This applies to all Monsters I suppose.

I have no idea how you can survive Supernova. I guess just spread out but as soon as a shield goes up I switch to the rest of the group that’s usually suddenly grouped up for Warp Blast. Best thing I can suggest is stay on higher ground.

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I think Supernova has to be tackled by 2 persons. Healer and support.

If it hits, then everyone empties his jetpack dodging away. Now the wraith can only follow one. If the wraith is annoyed by the dome it will be the trapper in which case the heal from the medic should be enough. If the healer is getting attention, then you need to pop the stealth as a support or shield her.

However avoid being bunched up at all costs and remember that the cooldown is super low. If you can survive 1x supernova you have effectively beaten the wraith already.


I was not convinced when I saw the title, but you made some good points. I’ve thought about killing the wild life for a while now, but from what I’ve been told, it respawns and leaves food for the Monster anyway. As for the wait at the reactor thing, is that in itself not terrible as far as gameplay / design is concerned? At the very least, it provides a horrible waiting game situation for the Hunters that no one wants to be a part of.


There’s a thread called “Wrath= Leave” that indicated that fighting a Wrath was boring (not necessarily an OP thread) due to the constant “stealth” of Wrath players. The hunters who replied indicated that they were doing nothing for the majority of the hunt. I agree that it’s probably a crappy experience to run around for 15-20 minutes looking for a Wrath, but being a Wrath and doing it is not boring in the least.

I’d love there to be something to make things interesting for the Hunters to do also.


My problem with the wraith is they won’t fight before stage 3 90% will just run. I play Abe dome at least 2-3 times before stage 3 and they will just run and hide. I have a full team with mics and we try everything to flush them out.

They almost always go 20 mins, and are just boring. I have had fun games when people do a bunch of quick hit and run type fights, but almost none do that.


They are boring because you suck and can’t catch a Wraith. I always catch lvl 1 Wraith (though pubs not always can deal damage to her).


Before reading this I never realized I was that wraith player. It’s just so fun to stealth and the win in a epic fight at stage 3, ;/


yeah such an epic fight for the hunters



That’s the problem :frowning:

It’s only fun for one side so far. Turtle Rock said they’re more interested in “fun” than balance. I’d really hope they can add the fun for the hunters without changing how the Wrath works. In my experience, developers often can’t find a way to do both.

I suggest hunters be able to poison creatures when they kill them. This will put pressure on the Wraith to get feeding quickly else they run the risk of not having food. 15 minutes of “sneaking” around knowing that your food sources are quickly being dwindled with give the hunters some more control over the Wraith.


Thanks for the note. Playing against Wrath is frustrating due to her ability of ignoring most of the damage. The mobility, the fake clones, invis. It’s beyond ridiculous. And as a passionate Abe player I feel like my grenades absolutely nothing against wrath. Not to mention that Maggie or Griffin can do even less to hold her down.


I play wraith very well, and I’ve learned a few hints for tracking her.

When a wraith goes into decoy you have to look for plants, and other objects that sudden shatter into bits in the opposite direction. She’ll be heading as far as possible, and likely as low as possible. Get up high, and watch for that characteristic pink glow.

When wraith is across the map and scares birds, watch them, take a minute and look for the scavenger birds, adjust your angle to coincide with the travel pattern. Wraith makes a ton of noise when hunting as well.

The decoy will always use all three dashes after spawn to create many tracks. watch where the pink flurry leads from and course adjust after destroying the decoy.

There’s a start.