Beating a Wraith


I spent the weekend have a blast in the Evolve Beta. Early on in the piece, I got the opportunity to play a few games with Jess and Brill from TRS (Series here). One match in particular stood out, a fight against a Wraith in which I learned the ropes as Assault. I hear that Wraiths are pretty tricky to deal with, so thought many of you might enjoy seeing one get hunted down. There are some wonderfully tense moments:


That as fun :smiley: @MrStrategio @GiantChiprel
EDIT: I sound like my nose is plugged, haha. Ugh


If we are sharing victories, I’d love to post out a very close game my friends and I had against wraith.


That moment when you start watching a video and hear your own voice in it… xD

Hai I’m da trapper =3


A; What can I do to play with TRS people? :stuck_out_tongue:
B; watched a few minutes(have to sleep) and saw you not continuously heal people that were somewhat below max health, is there a reason for that? I saw it a lot as well during the beta where I saw people running around at 30-50% health and not getting healed by the medic(though in what I saw yours were at near-max health), kinda annoyed me during the beta as when I am medic everyone is at 100% health or is getting some love :blush:


We didn’t want to make it too easy obv!
Gotta let the monster think he has a chance! XD


[quote]Why isn’t it shooting?
When you completely dry out your Lightning Gun like you did in the vid, there is a small delay until it starts charging again.



I’d also like an answer to A! I see myself as a top notch Trapper, and i’d love to test my skills against some of you awesome TRS members.


That’s every game with a Wraith, if the Wraith has learned how to play. It’s a struggle for life or death. As you saw with that Maggie at the end, we die nearly instantly from Wraiths, it feels so displeasing to be downed like nothing. : /


Almost every game I’ve played as trapper, I’ve been downed in seconds without a chance of escape due to it’s ability to pin people into walls through knockback. You can’t jetpack away, you can only hope it changes targets or throws you into the air without an abduction.

We would of lost if our assault hadn’t placed that mine at 13:26. His personal shield was on cooldown and he was the only one alive.


I believe they slightly nerfed her now. It should not be so unbalanced after launch. Or that’s what they say in other threads.
I look forward to playing Maggie again on the 10th.


maggie is one of my favorite hunters thus far. Not only does she bring a 5th “hunter” onto the team, but her traps can stop a monster from rushing onto your allies.


Yup, I love playing her. The only downfall with the traps, is the monsters can break all 6 at a time. Instead of breaking them one at a time. So you have to separate them allot, or you will not get the benefit from most of them. And with monsters like Wraith who have passively high attack speed, they break the chains by default, without even trying.

Going to slow down my comments, I only have 9 more for the day apparently. This 20 limit a day is really getting to me. : P


Abe is just better IMO

You miss out on having a passive reviver, but a good monster would never let Poochy get away with a revive anyways, and if you’ve got Lazarus on your team, it can actually be a bad thing.

instead keeping the monster tagged once you find it is great, and you can tag up a lot of food sources as a passive detection system if you’re having trouble with tracking.

More than anything though, those Stasis grenades are simply top notch. Hard Counters the Kraken pulling that beast out of the air, and other monsters can’t just break the slow effect either.

Still, Maggies traps ARE nice if used properly (spread out, cover all avenues of escape and keep placing them between MP reloads), and following the hound can be a great boon against a sneaky (read; good) monster… but a Kraken can just float above them, and those same good monsters can break the chains easily.

Better than Griffin though. Ugh, he’s pretty terrible. In like… every way imaginable. I mained as Trapper, and taking Griffin was like asking our team to lose (seriously, I think we only won once while I was Griff… and it was against a bad monster player and I still couldn’t accomplish much where using the other 2 we trapped and beat that monster down quickly)


I’m gonna go ahead and do it. Feel free to punish me. But somebody’s got to be the one.

Is the title of this thread meant to be a euphemism for something? :flushed:


I stated on a few threads some changes I would like to see to Daisy, I just hope they listen. Other than that, everything you said about Maggie I already said on other threads. ^.^


Haven’t read many threads since big alpha time frame…

But I imagine you requested placing her traps on any surface (like the nades can stick to)? Cause that would do a LOT IMO.

As for Daisy… not really sure what they could do to “fix” her honestly… not realistically anyways.

On topic about the Wraith: I dunno… we beat the only one we fought without too much difficulty. I won when I played as it the only time I played as monster this beta… but then… I managed to sneak my way to stage 3 before fighting the hunters


guide to beating wraith
cabot hyde ciara and abe

abe slows her down during supernova
cutting her damage output in half
also have fun hiding from him

wraith already dies fast and has low armor
Cabot makes her die faster in the short times you can hit her
and tagging dust makes sure you know where she is always
my teammates got seperated and is pinned by the wraith?
rail cannon!

Hyde not only reveals wraith when she stealths
but it also deals DOT even if hes not hitting her
if shes foolish enough to try and target cabot she will melt underneath toxic grenade and flame thrower

ciara can also set the monster on fire if for some reason hyde can’t

and here healing grenades counteract wraiths aoe damage

her speed boost also lets the hunters match wraiths speed


If only you could see monster type prior to selecting hunters :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t matter, those are often our hunter choices anyways :smiley:


I know I’ve seen @Shazzberry in these forums. Perhaps he should be tagged aswell.