Beating a Good Kraken Player


This is not a thread about cracking being 0P. I am just trying to gather some ideas and tips for fighting a good Krackin player. One who lands lightning strikes and then follows up with after shock. That is the build I have encountered with some of my friends who are great at Krackin. Just some tips or if there is already a thread about this or you link to it please thank you.


Managing your jetpack is the biggest key when fighting Kraken. You have to have enough jetpack in order to dodge lightning strikes and aftershocks. Your trapper also has to be on point using their kits to hinder Krakens movement whether that be with harpoons or statis etc so that your assault can do as much constant damage to it before it traverses away. The biggest reason I see people lose to Kraken is because they take lightning strikes and aftershocks to the face with little to no effort being made to avoid them. Just because you have a good medic like Caira does not mean you can stand still and absorb damage.


Step 1: Wait for his bugs to be fixed
Step 2: Profit
As it stands, Krakens are impossible to drag out of the sky (like, legit impossible) so until then I really cant think of a way to beat him


I have found tht krakens stay in the air pretty well. And I try to preserve my jetpack fuel. It’s very hard to dodge lightning strike and aftershock in a combo.


Aftershock is currently bugged where he moves at full speed while casting, making it unavoidable. As for lightning strike, count to 2, then double jetpack dodge in any direction, you’ll be out


I think the current bugs have kraken on realistic difficulty :wink:


They have Kraken on “Released” difficulty lmao


dome him with a big rock to los his lightning strike

never climb anything stay on the ground shoot him from far

safe ure jetpack for afterschok/lightning (gets way easier if u can just los the lightningstrike behind the mountain)

trappers job is to kill the banshes mines

poons doesnt matter vs kraken only use them if hes going for someone on the ground and u are behind him.

good kraken player wont lose health indome.

after dome punishment is where they lose health.

dont be pissed if u “only” got 2 bars of health.

ure goal is to get his hp down and AVOID STRIKES at any cost.

krakens stage 3 is the least scarry (behemoth doesnt count Kappa)


Stop reminding me of Beta that was horrible


I didn’t get into the beta ;-;


Thanks for the tips guys



Haha u caught tht lol


yeah currently if its not a sunny boost your not getting out of an aftershock. at the bugged full speed its way to fast even two jetpack boosts wont save you.

dodge the LS and then youll have to tank the aftershock. save your jetpack and try to TIME it when it lands so you dont get the follow-up heavy attack/pounce/banshee/vortex or whatever else they fling at you.

also have your medic at the ready. or if you are the medic. HB!!

other than that like someone said above wait for bug fixes cuz kraken is a pain right now. at all stages he can win no prob.


As an experiencedish kraken I don’t know why you would use
After shook because the ground is a scary place and it is so easy for the hunters to dodge.


That smile made me laugh for 10 seconds straight.


Voldemort is just happy to have such good friends.


>implying CC has any effect on kraken.

But yeah if kraken is focusing you don’t use your jetpack unless its for LS
Just run away and call for help


Trappers can’t do shit at the moment, harpoons don’t take it out of the air fast enough, it’s impossible to cover enough area with stasis grenades since the Kraken isn’t slowed from getting away from them, and just try to hit a juking Kraken with crow’s slows for any meaningful duration.

The best trapper to take for fighting Kraken right now is Maggie, because at least two or three harpoon traps will keep it in one spot for long enough to put in some damage, unfortunately she’s the worst for actually getting kraken into a dome.

How do you fight a Kraken? You hope they’re mid level or worse and just keep the DPS up while keeping enough jetpack to dodge. Since LS got nerfed it’s at least possible now to dodge that ability so you haven’t got much excuse for being hit by it, but most Krakens won’t take lightning strike right now anyway when they can super fast combo you with mines, vortex and aftershock.

Val is the most reliable healer against a Kraken IMO and her tranqs at least have enough duration to do something to bring it to earth. Sunny is OP anyway so naturally is useful but I’d always want a Hank on my side otherwise to block the BM spam. Never take Lazarus, don’t bother with Crow…all assaults are viable to some degree for different reasons. Accept that if you have someone like Cabot on your team then your dome is almost never going to stay up.


sunny is pretty useless against kraken