Beating a developer skin


I legitimately own every single skin for evolve as it stands right now. Ps i like that new maneater skin just disapointed i dont get a pink dome lol. Anyways i kind of want a diamond hunter skin for beating a developer only? Dont do it where you just have to beat anyone who has it either. This would give me something to work towards. Please trs dont fail my dedicated team. Oh and keep the skins coming and where did the sandstone skin go?


Well… You must be full of cosmetics.


This will probably only work for PC players since most of the devs are on the PC


Thats a shame


*High Fives * Hello fellow skin whore. Diamond skin sounds awsome though the devs being pc only makes that one a little hard. However if they made it I’d buy it.


I think of it as supporting the game…not a skin whore


In anycase it’s just irresistable for me and I also like supporting such a unique concept and good game. In any case keep the skins rolling.