Beat to death with shields on?

Not sure if this is a bug or feature.

But I got downed by Behemoth, then he started beating on me, I put Assault shields on right before I was about to die, then he proceeds to still beat me to death. Did shields get a change where they drain on hits?

I thought it was a solid 10 secs of invulnerability.

@4:35 on video.

Would be easier to watch if the video was not private.
I suggest tagging it as unlisted instead if you don’t want it to show up outside a direct link.

But yes, shield battery do get drained when damaged, both Hank’s and the personal shield, so I’m assuming that is what happened.

There we go, forgot to change the viewing to unlisted.

Your shield died awfully fast, thought it did look like it was simply drained.
Possible damage bug? I have had Behemoth nearly instantly kill me before through rolling and melee alone because I was pressed against a wall.

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It was because you were sitting in a lava bomb and getting pounded. Those lava droplets do so much damage now, its not really surprising.

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The sheild has always drained faster when taking damage.

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Wow really? This is news to me.
I knew Hank’s and Sunny’s did with damage, I thought Assault was the exception.
That makes it a lot crappier then I thought.

Your health slowly drains when you are down and it was really low when you used your shield. Does shield actually stop this? I don’t play much hunter so I haven’t noticed.

Behemoth’s downed heavy melee is fatal. It’s the hardest hitting of all the Monsters.

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When you have a shield up it stops your health from slowly draining.

What I wish was that the shielded hunter could get an indication of how much shield was left. Instead of the entire bar appearing shielded. Awkwardly, the only one who doesn’t know how much shield is left is the one with the shield.

ANYWAY, to the OP: The shield has a time limit AND health. You can wait out the shield or burn through it (although I’m very surprised your shield still melted that quickly.


Shield has 1600 health, so a full health bar.

the shield drains at a constant 160 per second, it does not so much have a duration as a certain doom count.

The down melee is heavy hitting in the extreme. On behemoth it does 325 damage a hit at base, and has the shortest animation of all his attacks.

you can tell how much shield is left on the power wheel, it shows the health, and damage reduces it.

There is a very slight delay in the damage displayed through the start animation, the first two melee hits didn’t display in your video until the third, and so the apparent shield drained by ~1000 at once.

I just had this happen too, to my assault, so its a fairly common thing.

You can see when he activates his shield, and how fast it melts.

Definitely a damage bug, shields don’t drop that fast under those circumstances.

He was also in a lava bomb I believe.

The OP’s video? No, lava ended just after the shield started.

The one from @FishyG23 is more complex, seeing as the lava was present for the duration of the shield. However, both assaults were being mauled by behemoth, so that’s what I would look at first, behe’s melee damage.

I thought assault shields had 1200 health? not sure why behemoth’s melee incap strength is way above the others more then double the dmg. Almost triple.

I’m pretty sure there’s a change coming to the personal shield where it can’t be drained, it was mentioned in the AMA.

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Naw they count as basically another full life bar. Behemoth’s melee damage is more cause hes slower in melee and generally has a slower attack his pounces also do more damage.