Bearded Goliath for DB



So we, the community have been discussing… We want @DB_Sinclair to get his very own exclusive Bearded Goliath skin!

Plix plox plax !

Thank you!

Dev names for the Beta

This is so ridiculous but I’m game! Yes!


Just made this and i cant stop laughing, it still has DB’s lips on it :smile:


that’s a very strange placement for a second mouth.


XD Yeah Let’s get it on!


I’m thinking maybe it could be a special Easter Egg thing…like every year on DB’s birthday, the Goliaths in Evolve all sport beards? Kinda like how I think it would be awesome that every year on the anniversary of Evolve’s release day, all dead hunters and monsters should turn into cupcakes!


The second mouth is to commentate every action that is taking place


Hahaha, NICE!


Naaah, beards should be on release date to celebrate 'No Shave ‘til Ship’

Cupcakes for everybody on April fools day!


I’ll give you that!


oh my god marry me


YES YES AND YES!!! (Pretty please TRS😇??)

I have only yes for this thread😶


I think it should be permanently available.


Maybe a skin of a bearded Goliath just for forum users. And it has to be fully animated so it can blow in the wind. And after using fire breath it should have little glowing embers in it for a second. :smiley:


There should be and extra thread where you have to draw goliath with a beard. It doesn’t matter how bad the drawing is, everyone who send in a picture will get the bearded goli texture. So it would be REALLY exclusive and just achievable over a small time. The thread will end, when the beta ends so there is still enough time to implement the beard for the final game but not much time from now on to find this forum and the thread and drawing goliath.

Everyone who drew somehing will be contacted(to see if it’s a real person) and gets a single use code for this epic texture


We have it all figured out now! @MacMan @SlabOMeat What do you guys say?? :D:D


I shall commence immediately…


Ok I’ve got it…

This is for you @DB_Sinclair


This is going on my fridge.


Aww thanks, I’m humbled😄 I hope this happens at some point!