Beam Weapon UI


Beam weapons (Medgun, Shield Projector, Lightning Gun etc) used to track the target they are locking onto in previous patches:

In this update the reticule no longer tracks targets:


I have never once recalled the reticle following the target ever. I’m on PC so this is news to me as my reticle has always stayed in the center.


Interesting. I’m going to have to check on XB and see if it changed, too.


Question: Did you get the footage of the first video from the release non-patched version?
I m not really sure when this was changed, but honestly I like it staying in the middle better, as it allows to estimate when the beam will break better.


That’s the version of the game that comes on the disk. There’s no updates, it’s the oldest playable version of the game.


Funny, I suggested this change a while ago, but didn’t get much feedback on it.
It might just be coincidence that they actually changed it, but I like it more without the aim assist on beam weapons.

It doesn’t really help and is just an annoyance for me.

EDIT: I just went into a solo match with Val and Sunny. And there is still aim assist on their beam weapons:

Don’t know why it wasn’t like that for you. Maybe you turned aim assist off? :smile:


The bug is about the reticle of the Medgun, the circle on the screen, and how it was in the center but then locked onto the target being healed and followed them. Now all it does is sit in the center of the screen.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the aim assist being on or off.


Wow, how could I not see this? :confused:
Now I get it ^^


Its done this on pc since the beta


What if it was a bug before and then fixed? :scream:


I’m not sure which I like better :confused: