"Beam" Weapon Targeting Mechanics


Is there any information on how the beam weapons (Val’s healing and Hank’s Shield) target hunters or Daisy? I was playing with Val last night and I would never target who I wanted it to. It would heal Daisy who was closer to me but not on my reticle instead of the dying hunter a bit further away but dead centre on the reticle. So I was constantly wasting jetpack fuel so the wrong characters were completely off screen so I could target who I wanted. Keep in mind this is with constant LOS at all times.

I’ve seen some discussion on the Behemoth tongue mechanics with a small cone growing larger further out. Is there something like that for the beam weapons? Does it prioritise characters closer to you? Is there a minimum distance from the centre of the targeting reticle in order for it to miss that target and pick one near it?


PC/Console? Aim assist on/off?

It’s somewhat of an inherent aiming problem with weapons and skills that have a build-in auto aim mechanic that sets in if you point in the general direction of the target. Lining up those targets is a bad idea and often a gamble that can cost a strike. It kinda needs to be compensated by better positioning I guess. Sounds easier than it is infight I know.


Lost Maggie twice on my last game due to Daisy sticking to her and F****g my LOS.

I can blame the hunters if they cluster and prevent me from picking the right one, but Daisy is another matter completely!


I’m pretty sure when the game pick a target, it pick the one it think need it the most and weight in distance between this person and the target reticule. It is very likely designed with consoles in mind. Little “Tim” on his xbox probably sit 2-3 meters away from 480p TV and is trying to shield/heal/boost one of the three hunters that are all clumped up. That would be would be hard for someone even with a mouse, so to solve this the game ask itself:

  • “Who needs the beam the most? And how close is this hunter to the reticule?”
  • “This hunter needs it the most, but is pretty far away from the reticule, so obviously the player don’t feel the need for this person to be healed, so is there a hunter that is in less of a need, but closer?”

Now, that works all nice and dandy. There will be mistakes, but on a console and on a TV it’s a massive benefit.
On a PC tough, it’s bad. You have a mouse and you sit a third of a meter from a 1080p monitor, so you can aim precisly at your target without much problem. But the game still try to find the best target. The game will try to balance between who need it the most and who is closest, while all you really care for is just the closest person.


I confess I didn’t even know there was an aim assist. I’ve turned it off so I’ll see if anything is different.


I turned off Aim Assist and haven’t noticed any difference. Will keep trying to understand!