Be smart about current instant win cheat


Hi It is important to wait at least week until throwing bans,so most of them if not everyone gets detected.[ban wave]
Those are people who when you remove one cheat,will run to buy other.
This inviidual baning is not efficient at all,It will just scare some ppl using It and they could get away with it.
Lucky most of them are russians and even if you pmed them with ‘hi stop cheating or ban’ they would not have idea what you wrote kek

I also have to say that letting me log-in with google account looks very professional . I refused to come here at first because I expected tedious registration where my username will be taken no matter what I type.

I hope that match-making will be one day as good as the forum log-in :^)


Welcome the forums!

But yeah, I see your point. If nothing else ban waves at least send a stronger message of “We will catch you.” than individual bans.


Welcome to the forums @Alucard_Shadow!

Here is a handy post to help you find our way around our forums:

That said, if you encounter a cheater/hacker, the development team is much eager to know as much about it so they act against it:

That said, let us know if there is anything else you need and me and other forum members will be happy to help :slight_smile:

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Thank you mr.TL;DR bot.It is very warm welcome for sure <3


Well you are new, obviously I need to help you get around.

And what do you mean bot? The fact that you encountered hackers (why otherwise talk about the subject) means that you might as well help the dev team out next time you meet one.

Just helpful links, you are free to do with the info you get.


How can I report a hacker if he instantly wins the game, has a russian name that doesn’t get recognized by the game and the game doesn’t show names after a game ends? Lol. I can’t be taking screenshots of profiles before the game starts ALL the time…


Well to be honest my first impression was that you are just hunting the post-number I would take a guess and say there are some ‘rewards’ for posting like achievement or title. Because It was hardly related reply with informations from sticky that is hard to miss.

From my post It is pretty clear that I know about individual banning already,so with tl’ I mean that you did not bother reading before posting something that looks quite auto-mated honestly.

If you believe that I m wrong here,you are welcome to provide argument in your defense but if you think for short moment you may find some points in this post that you could find quite legitimate


click escape and click player options,then u can view steam profile page,report that page instead


Can you press escape when the screen says: HUNTERS WIN?

I think you can press esc only when the game hasn’t ended yet. And still, how can you record a hacker if he wins the game before the game starts. So you’re asking me to record every single game I play incase someone uses this hack?


You can also check in lobby,if u see suspicious boxes[russian probably] just open his page, better be safe,than sorry :^)
But yes ofcourse this system is quite flawed.But It is still better than said screenshoting.


I mean, you’re right. I dont want to have to film every game either. I get super salty after losing to hackers and the lack of a reporting system is going to hurt this game. If i were a new player and ran into hackers, discovered there wasn’t a system to report unless I’m pulling steam profiles and filming my games, I’d probably just write the game off.


Well this issue is not as large anyway. There are few cheaters,just the cheats are so efficient[instant win or win under 5seconds from shooting thru walls with aimbot] or monsters with 0 cooldown and too large dmg reduction also escaping domes by walking or teleporting from it[sometimes it is just lag]