Be nice to new players


You’d think this goes without saying, but please remember to be nice to new players. This game is in its last legs and a toxic community is not going to help keep new players interested.

If you see a new player, be nice and give constructive feedback if they need and/or ask for it.

I just saw a thread where a new player was expressing his opinion on balance and he just got bashed to hell by “vets” as if their longer playtime justifies rudeness. #Disappointed


I feel most of the people on these forums are extremely kind compared to say the cesspool that the steam forums ends up being. I’de gladly help whoever asks as long as it pertains to trappers or monster cause honestly, that’s all I know.


Not to mention the pool of affectionate Moderators and Developers watching over the forums <3


True, i would gladly answer any doubts, problems that a new player has in their mind.


Indeed, always good to keep this in mind. Everyone starts somewhere, and this game isn’t the easiest to just drop into. I try to say “hello” on mic whenever I enter a round with new people, and sometimes, give short tips.


I’ll be nice to new players as long as they don’t come into a thread screaming about ill-perceived balance issues even after they’ve had several more experienced players calmly counter their arguments and provide suggestions to improve. At that point it’s just idle bitching and entitled whining.


Most of them aren’t interested in constructive feedback. Fuck them.


Sadly that does apply to a lot.

I try and give constructive- but still polite- suggestions a lot of the time. Most players either don’t listen (or they do, but ignore it and don’t respond) or tell me off, then yell about the game when they die. It’s a little annoying, but in my opinion things like-

-are still unacceptable.

I will not bash a bad player if they’re just trying to play the game.

If, however, that bad player is also a bad person, I will tell them that they are annoying.