Be Happy With Yourself (A thread about appreciating your skillfulness, MINUS the gloating)


I liked the idea of a thread like this, so I made it.

Let me be clear that this is not a thread for gloating. Don’t talk about how you will totally uber 420.69 noSc0pe evry1 with your #Leet skills yo.

Just talk about moments in this game you’re proud of. Talk about how you’re happy with your rank in Hunt 2.0, or perhaps your leaderboard rank. This isn’t a thread to appreciate your superiority, this is a thread to appreciate your happy, proud moments and accomplishments in this game.

I finally have every monster elite, including MG, and I’m happy about that! It took a lot of work and effort and grinding (Jesus the Kraken Vortex mastery ;-; ) but I persevered and got every monster elite, and I’m super stoked about that. What about you guys? What have you done in game that you’re proud about?


I spent 4 hours at one time trying to elite Gorgon. It was worth it. :blush:


I’m proud that I’ve taught new players to stay the heck away from Tyrants.

I’m also proud that there are other people here that take time out of their day to teach new hunters. <3 Thank you.


I’m number 3 Hyde on xbox…not because I’m good I just Hyde a lot lol


I taught a new player the other day to never to revive normally as laz :grin: . My good deed of the day is done!


Yay! Thank you for the thread!

I’m 13 as Bucket because of the same reason, just Bucketing! :bucket_cute:


I’m super happy with my rank 9 almost rank 8 Torvald on PS4, I’m told all around that I should be a much higher rank :heart:


No prob, homie!


Be humble, Torvald.


Torvald will not be humble, he will bring Doooooooom!


I thought you were number 1? XP


I successfully made all healers but Rogue Val (whom I don’t like) elite. Yes even Laz. >3> All but Emet I made elite before the changes to their mastery came out. <3 I’ve also made Crow, Jack, and Abe elite. Wraith is as well. I am a few points of Lava Bomb, Banshee Mines, and Charge away from an elite Behemoth, Kraken, and Goliath. I need to tweak Gorgs a bit, but I’m 2-star with her.

I feel so accomplished. So much hard work… holy crap. This is literally the most work I’ve put into any game. And I LOVE IT! <3 I’m absolutely ecstatic to get back to working on RV, Maggie, and Griffin! I am nowhere near the top of any leader board. I’m Bronze Elite in Hunter and Bronze Destroyer in Monster. I’m 500 something for Jack and that’s the closest I am anywhere. But you know what? I don’t care. I don’t care that I’m not an MLG Pro. I don’t care that Slim is a ‘trash medic.’ I don’t even care if I win or lose (for the most part :P). All I care about is I’m having fun. <3 That’s what everyone needs, eh? That’s what the game is about- having fun.


I have every Monster Elite, Every Assault Elite, Val, Slim, and Abe Elite. All other Medics, Trappers, and Supports (except Bucket, still 1-star with him) are two stars and really close to 3.

EDIT: I should also add in that I go into pubs and help them learn roles by taking Assault myself (which I hate, but that’s why they’re all Elite) to let them learn to heal, shield, boost damage, etc.


I successfully revived my first Hunter in water with Lazarus, floating over him.

The task left me swimming with no jetpack though and we both died to a Rock Throw.

So that was entertaining. :joy:


Pfft nah mang



I know… I wish.


I fended off a Stage 3 Goliath on my own and with a few harpoon traps. I survived just long enough for my teammates to come of drop ship but we still got destroyed in the end because No Torvald = No DOOOM!!!


I was told recently by someone I was matched with that my mortars with Torvald were always spot on. It made me feel all good inside. :grin:


I’ve got every Hunter and monster to elite status. Adaptations and all dlc included.

But some of my favorite things about this game is helping others. I do get frustrated with some players as they don’t always listen and continue to play CoD style regardless of the advice I give them. But, overall I’ve helped quite a few players learn their roles and play them better by the end of our evacuation campaign. You could definitely see the difference.


There are so many times that I’ll end up getting dodged by people that I don’t know, but the times that I don’t get dodged it’s by people who know what a good sport I am with my matches. I also like to think that I give people a really exciting game as monster because of how positive the other team is after the match, win or lose they are always laughing and being good sports about the whole thing and looking forward to the next game and I LOVE that kind of response, it’s what makes the long wait times worth it for me and I don’t even have to think about keeping that positive vibe going after a game, it’s actually hard for me to talk down on any player in particular.

I also feel really proud with my accomplishments on Gorgon, @SuperBadJuJu will always bring up my wall pounce plays if Gorgon becomes a topic that’s brought up and its such a nice feeling being considered as the go-to reference for a monster that I enjoy playing so much.

After my first community tournament that just passed I’m also really happy with the progress as Goliath who I consider a secondary pick, playing against an extremely good team and I think that with more practice I could refine my monster skill even further to be where some of the greatest monsters are at in competitive.