BDL's semantics hour


Edit: Thread created by split by @Niaccurshi

Discussing this game’s potential without negativity at this point would be like discussing the 2nd World War without violence.

It’s kind of not possible.

What's the fate of evolve?
Climb, Climbing Surfaces & Destructible Objects
Climb, Climbing Surfaces & Destructible Objects
Climb, Climbing Surfaces & Destructible Objects

There are opinions which have been stated over and over to the point of utter boredom, and there are discussions to be had about the current state of affairs and the possible routes forward. Your comments in general aren’t helpful, and they only antagonise people. Try to be more constructive please :slight_smile:


If only I were a namby pamby regular who already knows what kind of statements will or won’t bunch your panties from experience. :wink:

(Try not to be so self righteous please.)


I’m not sure you know what “self righteous” means… since you’re the one who’s guilty of it lol


“Smugly moralistic.”

Is the common definition. I’ve been sarcastic and derisive, which isn’t the same thing. So wrong, but thanks for chiming in.


Cool, you poke fun at a mod’s lame ass reasoning in passing and you get your own thread.


(You’re doing God’s work niaccurshi.)


I’m happy for you to continue poke fun at any lame part of my body’s reasoning here, the other thread can be kept on topic that way :smile:



You do realize that your intervention consists of segregating a few lines of snarky text (that you invited) and would probably have ran their course and stopped in an hour if you’d just left well enough alone?

(Also: congratulations to the above posters for not grasping what ‘self righteousness’ is.)


I feel this thread may have its use in the ongoing future :smile:


Yup I definitely missed the mark on the whole “being smug and moralistic” bit.



Please tone down the hostility of your posts in the future.


If only I were a [farting] preschool teacher.

Y’know, so I would be used to communicating on your completely insipid and pointlessly euphemistic level.


U about to get shut down, chill out


U mad bruh? U shud take ur own wurds ta hart.


This is the best censorship I’ve seen. XD Keep it up!


Is there a problem with expressing your frustrations in a more respectful manner?


If being sarcastic and contentious is a crime, then I am definitely guilty.

What I take issue with is maudlin high-handed do gooders deciding what is or isn’t appropriate for another person to say based on arbitrary sunday-school esque criterion that make you seem like you grew up with a Stepford Wife for a parent.


He’s not actually that clever. The 2nd post is me making fun of his censorship, not his doing.


You forget that this isn’t your forum. They have every right to deem what is and isn’t acceptable. Freedom of speech extends to their right to determine what is reasonable behaviour in there space. Majority of people here would agree with the rules set down :wink: