Battlefy (this weekend) or nah?


Simple question, will there be a community tourney on battlefy this weekend for skins or no? i honestly hope there arent any more until 9.0 drops just so its not the same cookie cutter comps running a muck lol


We also have no idea how long it will be until 9.0 drops. Could be 2 months before it drops for all we know.


They’re should be… But no sign ups… So probably just QS


Last week was the last week for Neptune Kraken and Union Jack for Hank.

Since they’re changing up skins, preparing for TU09, and getting back on track with streams and the like, I’d like to say that they’re probably going to skip a few weeks.


TU09? I feel like everyone’s getting hyped up, then the bomb drops and krakens still OP


I don’t find Kraken OP nor am I getting hyped about it, I’m more highly skeptical and dreading the update.


Kraken is OP… Broken… Deadly… We must drown it


on consoles? yah he is OP, he didnt need that damage buff like at all. is he beatable sure but the level of difficulty to beat him is unreasonably high especially compared to the other monsters.

and id gladly wait a few weeks so we can play battlefy on new evolve rules, it will shake thing up and i think it’ll do the game good but of course we’ll see


Please stay on topic, if you want to discuss Kraken and his balance then do so on the appropriate thread.

That being said, I think it’s just QuickShot tournaments for PC and PS4 this weekend.


i understand why it was flagged but im being a jerk but in the process just simply sheding light on a bigger jerk. one who will go out of their way in their attempts to harress me. sorry for speaking the truth.

i just dont know how else to respond to bullies other than directly, as thats the only way anything ever changes, even though it rarely would… telling someone else never seems to do anything ever besides bring about more hate from them and their (the bullies) friends


I hope tourney exclusive skins never happen again unless they are awarded to everyone who competes. Awarding them to just the finalists and semifinalists is stupid. I would like to see a community challenge this weekend though.


Can someone trs official answer if there is a battlefy tournament this weekend or not? Because if not I was already preparing to host my own as a last minute replacement for people who were going to enter @LadieAuPair


I doubt it, if there was it would already be setup. Since the QuickShot is this weekend I believe TRS is subbing that in instead.

I feel safe telling you to create your own, but I don’t work for TRS so I don’t have insider information to share.