Battlefy registration help


Hi, I would like to join Battlefy tournament as free agent, this is my first time so I would like some help.

Here it wants “Captain’s email” from me.

I dont want to be captain, so how am I suppose to know who will be captain of team I will be placed in, when I want to be free agent?

Thanks :slightly_smiling:


For “Captain’s E-mail” place your email but leave the box unchecked if you do not wish to be in charge of the team.

Without your e-mail you can’t get the skins if you win! :scream:


Aaaah so thats how the magic works, thanks :smiley:


Hope I did it right, because I cant see myself in free agent list yet, but we will see


If you have an account and it is confirmed along with all the correct information filled out then you should appear soon.

The tournament if I’m not wrong starts in 10-ish hours so you have quite some time to correct any errors and what not!


Ah oke I am in , thanks for all the help man !

@Buckets_Sentry_Gun Call of Duty :stuck_out_tongue:

@ToiletWraith go get it girl


I can has close if you’re done here :D?


NEIN! I close thread. >:l