Battlefy questions


These may be silly ?s but I have no idea about battlefy and I would like to compete

  1. Can I stay home and compete
  2. Is it free
  3. I’m a ps4 player, can I still compete
  4. I’m going to be monster do I have to play hunters as well
    Those are my questions sorry if there duhh questions I just want a understanding.
  1. Yes, you can stay home.

  2. Yes, it’s free.

  3. Yes, you can compete.

  4. A team is made out of 1 monster player and 4 hunter players. You won’t have to play hunter.

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A quick question I have about the tournament.

How long does it usually last,


Kinda depends on how many teams participate :s


Great ._.

Thx for the info moiser :smiley:


So I can sign up whenever


You need 4 others to make a full team. Can’t compete solo.

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People I know
Or randoms


Either, chances are with randoms you’ll have to carry them. It’s recommended you know them.


Ok and lastly
Are there rewards for winners


It’s for top 8 I think it’s pretty much guaranteed


Depends, some tournaments give money to winners, some are just for fun, and the biweekly tournament for the community challenge gives out the rare Goliath Taurus skin.


I need 4 people to enter
So the monster and hunters are all one team


Pretty long, i was in the 2nd battlefy evolve tourney and we only fought against 2 teams. In total it took just under 4 hours to do all the banning and picking and games. We played 2 games at a time too but for some reason it just seemed to last a really long time. It was good fun though


Correct. You have four dedicated hunters and one dedicated monster. Your team’s monster squares off against your enemy’s hunter team, and your hunter team against their monster. You need five people.