Battlefy Community Tournament v2.0 (March 26th)


I heard about it last minute on @SuperBadJuJu’s stream last night while playing with him. These things get buried for some reason and it hasn’t been advertised. So far 2 free agents and a single team have registered for the PC side. No one for consoles.

Considering the holiday this weekend some people likely already made plans, so just bad luck.




@Shaners! You’re slacking! :stuck_out_tongue:



I whould love to enter this tournament but i need to work x(
Also don’t have a team :joy: haha


Without any knowledge on what the prizes are I’m not going to bother panicking to scramble a team together.


The prizes section says it’ll be Neptune Kraken, but also gets the date wrong. Maybe someone forgot to update it?


Skins are the same for this run through.


I know…

honestly Battlefy is low priority and this is also a test of BRAND NEW RULESSS :smiley: