Battlefront Ratings


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Battlefront Metacritic

Evolve Metacritic

Any thoughts? I personally wanna shoot a big hell yeah out to TRS. Ratings don’t mean much but I sure feel good about this one.
I fully intended to get Battlefront when it came out. Played the beta though and thought “This game is boring AF.”. I’ve been playing Typical shooters my whole life and am over that kind of experience. That’s why Evolve has stuck with me for so long. It’s not the typical shooter and I love it!

Keep kicking ass TRS love you guys despite all the bugs I run into on a typical Evolve playthrough. Can’t wait for what comes next and maybe this puts a smile on your faces.


What is this about again?


Also Battlefront is an amazing game.Fucked over by EA.

The graphics, the music, the gameplay is all top-notch.Dice is a trully wonderfull studio.But having EA as your boss will bring negativity to your game and hate.

All the bad reviews and stuff is for people bitching about that the game is half and there shouldn’t be so much DLC.And i agree 100%. That doesn’t mean that the game is bad.The business model is bad.

Its similar to what happened to Evolve with 2K


Kind of my point but also I find plain FPS nowadays boring. I explained very briefly in the OP. Interesting though that more and more games have moved to this model.

Edit: The model of giving you practically nothing and making you pay NOW for more LATER or SOON. (5 months from release)


I wanted to brag a bit that Evolve got higher reviews than Battlefront.


“metacritic” isn’t actually as meta as they proclaim to be.


From what I’ve read (not exhaustive) the reviews about Battlefront tend to mimic the same nonsense that was levelled at Evolve. The general gist I’ve got is ‘Great if you’re a Star Wars fan, but not if you want a “rich” experience or “story”’. It’s nonsense, reviewers are snobs that don’t quite understand multiplayer-only gaming.



a game doesn’t need a story to be good.
what would battlefronts be about? it isn’t canon.


Totally agree. i choose to not get battle front simply because I’m sick of the typical FPS style of play. Not because the reviewers told me it was bad. That’s what battlefront is. A typical shooter with pretty starwars paint.


Any of this goes on to imply that gaming community nowadays judges a game based on its sales model rather than gameplay.

Also, Evolve was bound to be better than Battlefront. No celebration to be had, just a smirk and a “Still got it.”


Going off Metacritic, both games were considered average by the professional reviews and were received negatively by the users.
Even if Evolve did a little better, that doesn’t make me particularly thrilled about the 4/3/10 user score.

“Woohoo guys. According to Metacritic, you’re slightly less terrible than Battlefront” is the vibe I’m getting from this topic even though I know you didn’t mean it that way.

Also like you said, ratings don’t mean much.
At least not when they’re positive.
But when they’re negative — well, then there’s suddenly plenty of negative influence.
Evolve’s a better example of this than any other game.


Also Battlefront had a much huger audience than Evolve.
Almost every gamer wanted this game and was waitting for it.So there is MANY more people flaming it and reviewing it than Evolve.

And aside of which game anyone likes the most(Personal Preferences) Dice made a better game than TRS.And of course they should we are talking about a studio that has many AAA titles under their belt where TRS only has L4D and Evolve.

Not saying that TRS didn’t do a good job i loved the game.But in bugs/glitches/quality Battlefront surprasses any other triple A title launched this past years(Few exceptions like Witcher3 for example)


i saw my friends play the beta and i had very little interest in it. it was too different from the real battlefront games. some things were neat, but it seemed too much like Starwars Battlefield 3


Yeah that’s why I decided against getting it. The old class based system was really fun to me. Now it’s super watered down and like I said. Typical shooter.


yea. i still want fallout4 though. lol.


It’s a great game. I’m working on finishing up the main questline. Definitely see what some of the critics mean when they say “lacking in RPG elements” but over all great game.


I dislike shooters very much these days. But battlefront is awesome. The different game modes is awesome as well. There’s something for everyone.

I am also enjoying rainbow six siege. That is a game that takes great communication to play.