Battlefront 2 Multiplayer Beta


Just making this thread so people can add thoughts about the beta if they’ve played it.

I played 1 game today, and I was super excited because it was an actual space battle with objectives instead of just shooting each other.

Hated it. The controls are so counter intuitive. Doesn’t feel like you’re actually in control. Just trying to get turn and then the camera completely fucks up and you can’t see where you’re going anymore.

Going to give something else a go before I try to get flying again, but it really doesn’t seem like my thing.


Flying defiantly takes some practice to be comfortable with it.
I recommended usibg the star ships in the main gamemode where there is a ground.
Also don’t use max speed all the time. Keep the throttle low otherwise it can get very disorienting. Fast is to pass, slow is for control.


I was able to apply this from playing the last Battlefront game. But the game controlled camera turns is the big turn off. I can’t hack itm


Space battles are my favorite part! I do much better in that mode verses running on the ground :sweat_smile:


After playing a bit of other game mode, I think I might just give this game a miss. I dunno, there’s just something that seems so off to me about the controls. It seems really slow, sloppy and unresponsive. It’s hard to explain.

There are a few outstanding balance issues, but the game isn’t finished, so that’s to be expected, but it’s enough to at least put me off the beta build.


I actually seem to be one of the few people who enjoy the feel of the aircraft. Space battles are probably my favourite at the moment, but I do have some issues - like how Bombers are stupidly good at taking everything else down, and playing the objective. Plz nerf, amirite?

I wish there was a better balance between objectives and dog-fighting. Having 1 team have to destroy an objective while the other one just has to keep killing doesn’t sit too well to me. As a rebel, I feel like I just have to keep playing the objective and playing empire is where the real fun is and I can just go to town on dem rebel scum. I’d like either a flat out TDM mode, or a mode where it’s basically TDM, but doing objectives available to BOTH sides increases your score, making it easier to get to the kill cap.

As for ground “stuff”, the strike is super fun, but the SAME thing happens every game - the package is stolen and returned repeatedly, often getting close-ish but never actually being captured fully by the empire.

I want to like Galactic conquest, but again, I’d rather a TDM type mode, or Conquest (capture points). Especially the bottle necking inside the palace feels super lame, and with such a beautiful environment, I’d love the freedom to go all over the map, not the one way push that we get. Also not a fan of aircraft on this mode. I’m really bad at taking out ground units, but occasionally have to hop into an aircraft to take out the enemy who are much better at doing it than me. Would love a full on ground to space mode though :wink:

Imo, the beta is sorely lacking in map variety, and I would have loved to have seen 2 maps in each mode just for some added variety. I’ll probably end up getting Battlefront, but might just wait for it to go on discount before I do so…


I believe their is one. Just not in the beta.


This is correct.
It might be using the small maps though, not the full size. Don’t quote me on that though.


Excellent. Is that for ground, space or both?

Do you happen to know if there’s a capture point type mode either?

A bit smaller for tdm would be a good thing imo :slight_smile:


Flying controls feels shit at times


I feel like I’ll really enjoy the Customisation and “class” system once I get my head around it, it’s just a little overwhelming at first.


Starfighter Assault was a straight up improvement, it’s what I played most in the beta. Hated the Theed map, way too linear. Star cards are pretty stupid in terms of balance with how much of a power advantage they give with the higher rarities.

As someone who bought the first Battlefront it’s a pass for me. The game is too casual for my liking, I’ll take a serious look when it gets 32v32 with Battlefield conquest maps where you board ships and destroy them like Titan mode from BF2142.


So how do you level up classes? I’ve played at least 15 starfighters as mostly bombers and like 3 galactic assaults as heavys, but my heavy is lvl 8 and my bomber is lvl 4?


Haven’t got an opportunity to play but will be paying close attention because I still hope for something that can hold a candle to XWing vs Tie Fight for space dogfight action


Is it over?


Not till Monday I thought.


I just checked on Origin and it says 14 hours left


Not sure it was a glitch, but there was a guy running around at incredible speeds


Beta is extended to the 11th


Beta is over