Battlefly - Evolve Community Tournament Idea


Well i don’t know if it will work but we should maybe give it a try :

It’s harder and harder to gather enough teams to build a proper Evolve tournament. Most of the players jumped on another game and most of the teams have been split.

But what we know is that there are still many good players playing around who would like to have a day every week or two weeks to enjoy playing in premade against good monsters.

My idea is instead of having a Community Tournament rquiring teams, TRS shoud do a Community Gather Event. It means that every player who want to participate sign up to a website (or list or whatever) : he has the choice between playing hunters (any, no preference) or monster.

The team are then build randomly with 4 hunters + 1 monster and we play for fun. We will get the fun of a tournament without the problem to look for a team/players.

To be sure the players who applied will show up, the check in has to be 2 hours before the beginning.

Well that’s a big idea, i don’t know if it can work with the community but maybe we should give it a try.

Of course, to keep the fun no reward or a reward for everyone.

This sytem worked on L4D and Halo PC. On L4D, with steam it was easy to gather 8 players any day and to play for hours.

On Halo PC we did that for special holidays (Halloween/Christmas/Summer etc…).

The community is maybe not big enough to get proper esport and tournament but the playerbase (who still has skilled players) is big enough to keep the game alive.


There’s already a way to just sign up as what you want. It’s being a “free agent”. I believe it’s what @MaddCow does since he wants the lovely Cowliath skin.


wait, is this happening?


It’s what me and @MaddCow call the Taurus skin. If you’ve seen it in-game it literally has the same kinda pattern as Cows do. Except it’s like Tan and White/Light Grey.


aww :frowning: Still not quite the same.


Yes but it’s not exactly the same :

  • no team allowed, only single player
  • teams are mixed randomly (nothing to do to “build” a team)


yea i think the casual tournament should be reworked… so many rules are not necessary (fe map bans), take too much time, it should be way more easier to create teams…