Battlefield Hardline Delayed to Early 2015


Hey guys I first want to say that I am glad EA is proving it is thinking about gamers first and is going to make sure this next battlefield game is completely polished before being shipped unlike BF4, so they are delaying the game until 2015. I am more so excited that Evolve and BF hardline will not release the same day anymore. I personally was planning on getting Evolve over battlefield anyway, but many casual gamers I know were not. I think the delay will result in a bigger audience for Evolve on release day. I just wanted to share to everyone and tell the devs which I am sure already knew. This should be even more reason to push polish and get this game the release it deserves. Like I said it is not good news that they had to delay but it is good they are putting gamers first and it is good for a new IP Evolve to draw a wider range of gamers. Being the only shooter for the month I think this is a big opportunity. And please do not take this the wrong way Evolve was going to kick a$$ regardless obviously, I just think this is a sign that Turtle Rock is doing exactly what they need to.


Definitely glad TRS didn’t use Frostbite


Ah, yes. Delays are always a sign of a good game. Just like Watchdogs and Aliens: Colonial Marines!


Battlefield hard line is a grown-up version of cops and robbers


I think after the disgrace that was Battlefield 4, any delays will make the game better. I mean, it probably can’t get much worse if it were to release on its presumed 2014 date.

As much as I like variety, I think this will be good as I’ve got fewer games to focus on. In my experience with multiplayer especially, too many titles can be overwhelming and lead to burnout, whereas just owning Evolve and Destiny ought to have me covered for my multiplayer fix.

In all, I’m glad that EA has done the sensible thing and given the devs more time to deliver a working product. I’m not thankful because I rightfully expect a working product, but I’m somewhat pleased nontheless.


After playing in the beta that launched after E3 the game felt like a re-skinned BF4 with some new gamemodes, and I’m sure that feedback went straight to them (It felt like a BF4 DLC more-so than a new title). Hopefully by pushing it back they can deliver something that feels less like BF4 and stays true to the cops vs robber feel they were looking to capture.


Battlefield 4 was the death of Battlefield for me personally and Hardline is just the final nail in the coffin. While BF has brand recognition going for it, I expect Evolve will sell well at release and then sell BETTER even after as word of mouth will be on it’s side.

Hardline is a cheap cash-in. I was hoping for some unique mechanics or asymmetrical warfare for BF as a franchise, but lol no. Instead they are different colored team uniforms and both have access to military grade hardware.

Yea, no thanks. If I want that, I’d rather play Payday 2 or the new Rainbow 6 Siege. Part of the appeal of BF is it’s a military shooter that tries to mimic a large BATTLE. Not an arena shooter like CoD or TF2 or CS. And now it’s just going to be a toned down BF with cops skin.

And after the disaster that was BF4’s release (it still doesn’t work properly in terms of networking for me), the balance issues, the sheer amount of BLOAT, blegh.

I predict failure for Hardline, at least critically. I’m sure it will sell oodles because of “brand recognition” which is what EA banks on and then proceeds to ruin great franchises with. Also I wonder if the Hardline delay has more to do with them realizing it’s a weak title that won’t sell well alongside this year’s CoD (which is kind of a mini-titanfall looking game) and games like Evolve.

I think Evolve is bigger than people realize, it just doesn’t have EA’s marketing behind it. But I think L4D was hugely popular and as long as 2K properly utilizes the “Team behind L4D!” it will do very well even for a new IP. Also I think there’s a thirst for new IPs out there as well.


Have to say that bf is a dying franchise, they need to go back to what 1942 was. Are the bombs op? Yes, is controlling a f*cking battleship op? Yes. Are beach cannons capable of killing a whole squad in one shot op? Yes! You know why? Because that’s what was happening in real life. Battlefield, stop making the game fair and make it realistic because thats what used to separate bf from cod


Awww, the good old days of 1942.


Thanks for the report @BIGBANGINBROWN, I agree with you… This should help Evolve’s launch.


Depends on the publisher, when it comes to the quality of delayed games.
LBP2 was delayed multiple times, two or three times if I remember correctly, but it stll turned out to be an amazing game.
I’m really fearful that Division is going to disappoint because of Ubisoft’s streak with this sort of thing, same for The Order 1886.


Awww, boo! Dragon Age: Inquisition delayed until AFTER Evolve! I was planning on using it to make the wait for Evolve not as bad…


For anyone who wants the news, it can be found here:

I’m disappointed in some ways, but glad that it’s freed up my three “Months of Madness”. As a games reviewer it was going to be hectic, but at least now I can sink my teeth into a game without feeling I have to rush the article. So SSOD, Shadow of Mordor and Evolve get more attention! Yaaaaaay!


The last of us was delayed and it turned into one of the best games of last gen


I was happy about this, if only for selfish reasons. Between Evolve and the Borderlands Pre-Sequel, I’m already going to be strapped for gaming time (especially if I don’t give up my current loves, and I start working on my backlog). Hardline was likely to get pushed to the back burner anyway, but now I don’t even have to worry about it.


OH YEAH Dragon age delayed! thats what im talking about lol. there is really nothing standing in Evolves way anymore. this has been the dullest year in gaming history. NOTHING has come out this year worth noting. Rainbow six won’t be out till late 2015. Ill be playing Evolve the WHOLE time lol. my lineup will pretty much be Evolve, Ultra Street fighter, nba 2k15, and LoL.


Turned into a movie you mean


i have to say, if they don’t change the multiplayer completely or scrap this game, there’s going to be a lot of pissed off gamers come launch day. it is by far the worst battlefield i have ever played


I’m totally pleased with this.

I means they are investing in the long-run success and enjoyably of the game, not the short-sighted monetary success they could get by just releasing the game and making profit for a few months.

EA continues to surprise me with the changes they are making.


What makes you say that? I thought it was a lot of fun, and was WAY more enjoyable than BF3/4. If they change the multiplayer, it’s likely I won’t even consider picking it up. The entire reason I have it on my radar is because it doesn’t feel like BF4 (a game which I don’t really care for).

I’m curious as to how the game generates such varied responses.