Im Super hyped About this game
Are you?

What exactly is Battleborn?

is this the shooter by blizzard? or am i mixing the names up again…


Nah, that was Overwatch.


is battleborn that moba that had cool commercials but then i never heard about it lol. where a shitton of ranged heroes were fending off what looked like an army of basic minions?:


Grey-Mane Or Battle-Born? O_o

So what’s the game about? I haven’t heard about it ever and looking online would take precious minutes from my life so I’d rather just hear about it here!


hey at least i got it right the second time i guessed lolol.

seems like anything from borderlands devs automatically gets hype.


FPS MOBA from the developers of Borderlands. It’s got a cool art style and characters, so I’m pretty hyped.


Literally just got Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel in the mail today from Gamefly haha. If they made it then it’s likely to be at least satisfactory (though likely quite good). I’ll have to check it out further!


Been playing the Handsome Collection in split-screen for a few weeks now. A lot of fun.

But Borderlands is not the topic here. Has anyone heard of a release date?


I can’t say I am overly excited for it to be honest. The characters don’t look overly appealing to me personally, and I don’t consider the art-style anything to behold.


do you have borderlands 2 or the handsome edition


Grey-Mane for sure :wink:


Dangit hydra you beat me to my skyrim joke… Stupid work >.<


I’m interested in the archer. I’m assuming she’s meant for distance shooting, then again I am the kind of person who uses Maya as a Sniper or a tank :smirk:

Here’s a trailer for all of you :smile:


Colorful… Pretty colors… ¥_¥


They basically throw buckets of rainbows at the screen. I like it :smile:


Someone who throws knives? ^.-
Looks interesting. ^.^


Handsome Jack Edition, but only for a few more days.

Sorry @XkrSkorpion :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m very interested in Battleborn as well as Overwatch. It seems “hero” shooters might be the next wave, various multiplayer co-op mash-ups of FPS, RPG & MOBA. I’m a little iffy on some of the character designs - take a look at Montana’s head, hands & feet:
I’m sorry, but that just looks stupid. The game looks interesting though, with a lot of little touches from Borderlands carried over. I’d very much like to try out some of the characters.


I love borderlands its one of my favorite game series, but I am not sold on this game yet.